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Daily News 2010-08-04
In a pilot program, thousands of households in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, are using power lines to access to internet.
In a pilot program, thousands of households in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, are using power lines to access to internet.
Going online via power line 利用电线也能上网
In a pilot program, thousands of households in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, are using power lines to access to internet, China National Radio reported Monday. The new technology, called Broadband over Power Line, or BPL, allows users to use a new kind of modem powered by power lines that can transmit analog or digital signals. There is no longer a need to dial and lay out complicated wires for Internet access: all users have to do is just plug the modem into a socket and connect to the computer. 据中国广播网周一报道,福建省福州市千余户居民开始试点利用电线上网。在这项新技术——“宽带电力线通信技术”中,用户使用了一种新型的调制调解器,俗称“电力猫”,并利用现有电力线来传输模拟或数字信号。不需要拨号,不需要复杂的布线,用户只需要将“电力猫”插入电源插座,再连上电脑即可上网冲浪。
Internet first choice for sex education 青少年了解性知识首选网络
Youngsters' first choice for sex education is the Internet, according to a poll of 3,032 people on minyi.net.cn last week. When asked about where they learn about sex, 79.2% chose the Internet, followed by books with 72.5%. Peers took third place with 56%. Media, such as newspaper and TV, ranked fourth with 47%. School and parents came last, with 31.9% and 30.5%, respectively. An expert on sex education from Capital Normal University in Beijing said sex education should not be absent from cultivation of children. 上周,民意中国网对3032人进行的一项调查显示,对于青少年了解“性知识”的渠道,79.2%的人首选“网络”;“书籍”排第二(72.5%);排名第三的是“同伴”(56.0%);接下来是“报纸、电视等媒体” (47.0%);“学校”和“家长”排在最后,分别有31.9%和30.5%的选择。首都师范大学一位性教育专家认为,性教育应该渗透到孩子的养育中。
Idle parcels blacklisted 闲置土地被“点名”
The Ministry of Land and Resources has listed 1,457 plots of land as "idle," or undeveloped, Guangzhou Daily reported. The China Banking Regulatory Commission will review the list and complete a risk inspection on credit that developers took to buy the land. The government may take back 80%. Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan and Jiangsu together have a quarter of the total idle plots. More than 70% of the land is residential land. 据《广州日报》报道,国土资源部已将一份涉及全国1457宗闲置土地的统计表交予银监会,银监会将根据这份“黑名单”暗查这些闲置土地的信贷情况,做一次全面的风险排查,其中80%的闲置土地可能被收回;京穗琼苏成“重灾区”,四地闲置土地数量占全国的近四分之一,70%以上闲置土地性质为住宅用地。
Hair products mislabelled, HK warns 章光101被查含西药 香港警示勿买
Hong Kong authorities urged local residents Monday not to buy or use two hair care products registered as proprietary Chinese medicines since they were found to contain a Western medicine, minoxidil, Xinhua reported. The two products are Zhang Guang Gold 101 Super Effective Hair Growth Agent and Zhang Guang 101D Fabao. Minoxidil is a Western drug used for treating hair loss. Its side effects include skin irritation, rash and itchiness. A company senior official said these two products are not sold in the mainland. 据新华社报道,香港当局周一呼吁当地消费者不要购买或者使用两种头发护理产品,因为产品中含有西药成分米诺地尔,与其注册的“纯中药制品”不符。下架的两种产品分别是“章光101金装101高级生发灵”和“章光101D发宝”。米诺地尔是一种治疗脱发的西药,副作用包括引起皮肤不适、红肿和骚痒。章光101公司办公室主任称这两种产品大陆没有销售。
11 in family killed on way to funeral 一家族12人奔丧遭车祸 11人亡
A heavy tractor truck crashed into a bus Sunday in Guangning County, Guangdong Province, killing 11 of the 13 people on the bus, Chinanews reported. According to investigators, 12 people on the bus were family members who had rented the bus to hasten back to their hometown for a relative's funeral. Of them, only a little girl survived. She and the bus driver were seriously injured. Charity organizations in Guangning County have raised 120,000 yuan to help them. 中国新闻网报道,上周日,广东广宁县发生车祸,载满13人的商务车与一辆重型半牵引车相撞,造成11人当场死亡。据调查,这一家12人租车回老家广宁“奔丧”。不料途中发生车祸,家族12人中仅有一个小女孩生还。她和司机均受重伤。目前,该县慈善组织已筹集善款12万元人民币救助伤员。

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