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Daily News 2010-08-10

A British surrogate mother who agreed to have Osama Bin Laden's grandchild is expecting twins.

A British surrogate mother who agreed to have Osama Bin Laden's grandchild is expecting twins.
Osama twin Laden 拉登将有双胞胎孙辈
A British surrogate mother who agreed to have Osama Bin Laden's grandchild is expecting twins, the Daily Mail reported. Louise Pollard was given the news during her eight-week scan at a private clinic in Manchester. She had conceived via IVF using the sperm of Bin Laden's 29-year-old son Omar and the eggs of his 54-year-old British wife, Zaina. The couple, who married in 2007, had proved unable to have children together and contacted the 24-year-old Pollard through a surrogacy website. Mrs. Bin Laden left her husband last month and spent time with Pollard. Omar was diagnosed with schizophrenia following weeks of erratic behavior during which he began to hear the voice of his father. The surrogate mother said news of the twins made reconciliation more likely. Omar and Zaina have been speaking every day. 据英国《每日邮报》报道,同意为奥萨姆·本·拉登生育孙辈的英国代孕妈妈怀上了双胞胎。近日,怀孕8周的路易斯·波拉德在英国曼彻斯特的一家私人诊所做检查时被告知怀的是双胞胎。本·拉登的儿子奥马尔只有29岁,而他的英国妻子赛纳已经54岁。波拉德是通过试管受精才成功受孕的。报道称,奥马尔夫妇2007年结婚后一直无法生育,于是在一家代孕网站上找到24岁的波拉德。上个月,赛纳离开丈夫前去陪伴怀孕的波拉德;而奥马尔被诊断患上了精神分裂症,其行为古怪,有时竟然会听见父亲本·拉登的声音。波拉德说,她怀上双胞胎的消息在很大程度上改善了这对夫妻的关系,两人现在每天都会通话。
Zhang swims across Xingkai Lake 张健成功横渡兴凯湖
On Monday Chinese swimmer Zhang Jian successfully completed his record-breaking challenge to swim across Xingkai Lake after 36.5 hours in the water. Considering the unpleasant weather conditions, Zhang made some detours in the voyage that extended his actual distance to 69 km, but even so, his 50 km direct-line mileage still set a new record. Previously in July 2001, Zhang successfully swam across the English Channel, becoming the first Chinese to do so. 历经36.5小时的顽强拼搏,中国游泳健将张健9日成功横渡兴凯湖,创造人类横渡最长距离淡水湖的记录。考虑到不利的天气情况,张健横渡过程中出现了迂回,实际距离达到69公里。尽管如此,他本次横渡的直线距离为50公里,仍打破纪录。张健还曾于2001年7月横渡英吉利海峡,成为挑战该项成功的中国第一人。
Giant glacier cracks in Greenland 格陵兰发生最大规模冰川崩裂
Scientists discovered recently that a huge mass of ice four times the size of Manhattan had broken free of Petermann glacier in northwestern Greenland, Discovery News reported. The "ice island" was the largest calving event on the glacier since 1962, and researchers estimated Petermann lost nearly a quarter of its floating ice tongue in one go. 美国《探索》频道报道称,科学家近日发现格林兰岛西北部一座名为彼得曼的冰川发生大规模崩裂,断裂浮冰面积等同于4个曼哈顿岛大小。本次冰川崩裂是1962年以来最大的一次,研究者估计彼得曼冰川的冰舌部分损失了近1/4的体积。
Quake film sets record 地震电影票房破五亿
"Aftershock," a film about the earthquake that devastated Tangshan in 1976, had raked in a record 532 million yuan (US$79.4 million) at the Chinese mainland box office as of last Sunday, Xinhua reported. Directed by Feng Xiaogang, the film has become the highest-grossing Chinese-made movie in less than three weeks after its national premier on July 22. The first Chinese movie released in IMAX format took in 36.2 million yuan on its opening day -- the highest for a mainland movie on its opening day. The film had a budget of 150 million yuan (US$22 million). 据新华社报道,截至上周日,讲述唐山1976年毁灭性地震的影片《唐山大地震》在中国大陆地区的票房已达到创纪录的5.32亿元。这部冯小刚执导的电影自7月22日公映不到3周,便成为中国最赚钱的国产电影。此片也是第一部以IMAX格式发行的中文影片,在首映当天就赚了3620万元,这也是大陆影片最高的首日票房纪录。此片的成本预算为1.5亿元。
Woman faked cancer for cash 女子假装癌症骗巨额捐款
A woman in the Toronto area has admitted to faking cancer, running a bogus charity and collecting thousands of dollars, Reuters reported. Ashley Anne Kirilow, 23, began claiming to have cancer from last October on her Facebook page. She shaved her head and eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and starved herself to look like she was going through chemotherapy, according to the report. She befriended different local groups and recruited volunteers to help her organize events and benefit concerts, and even convinced a cancer awareness organization -- Skate4Cancer -- to fly her to Disney World to fulfill what she said was a dying wish. All told, she raised US$19,400. Recently, she contacted the paper, saying she was sorry for what she had done. She said she was just trying to be noticed and to get her family back together.



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