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Daily News 2010-08-19
富士康员工巡游 鼓舞士气

Foxconn Technology Group held a rally Wednesday for workers to raise their morale at its Shenzhen plant in Guangdong Province, where 11 employees committed suicide.

Foxconn Technology Group held a rally Wednesday for workers to raise their morale at its Shenzhen plant in Guangdong Province, where 11 employees committed suicide.
Foxconn rallies to boost worker morale 富士康员工巡游 鼓舞士气
According to Xinhua and Reuters, Foxconn Technology Group held a rally Wednesday for workers to raise their morale at its Shenzhen plant in Guangdong Province, where 11 employees committed suicide. Titled "Love Your Life, Love Your Family," the rally was attended by more than 20,000 workers at the plant, which the company hopes will strengthen cohesion among workers and encourage them to treasure life. The union president read from a declaration said to be signed by 100,000 employees, which promised to abide by government laws and company regulations. 据新华社和路透社报道,富士康科技集团位于广东深圳的工厂于周三举行了游行集会,以此来鼓舞员工的士气。此前,已有11名员工在此工厂自杀身亡。集会以“珍惜生命,关爱家人”为主题,有2万多名工人参加,公司希望以此来增进工人间的团结,激励他们珍惜生命。工会主席宣读了据说有10万员工签名的声明,承诺遵守国家法律和公司的规章制度。
※ Foxconn will have as many as 1.3 million workers in the Chinese mainland by the end of 2011, up from the current 920,000, according to a special assistant to the chief executive at the event. But Terry Cheng, company vice president, said the number of workers in Shenzhen would be cut to 300,000 to 350,000 from the current 450,000. ※ 在集会上,富士康总裁助理表示,到2011年年底,富士康在中国大陆的员工人数将从现在的92万增至130万。但执行副总裁程天纵表示,深圳的员工数将从现在的45万裁减到30万-35万。
Taiwan, Mainland have economic pact 台通过台海经济合作协议
Taiwan's legislature voted to pass the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with the Chinese mainland on Tuesday evening after ten hours of speeches by representatives from the ruling Kuomintang Party and other parties, Xinhua reported. The agreement is expected to bring closer economic ties between the mainland and Taiwan. The mainland's Association for Relations Across Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) signed the ECFA on June 29 in Chongqing, agreeing to establish a systematic mechanism for enhancing cross-Strait economic cooperation. 据新华社报道,在当权的国民党代表和其它党派代表进行了10个小时的演讲后,台湾立法机构于周二晚投票通过了与大陆签署的《海峡两岸经济合作框架协议》。此协议有望增进大陆与台湾的经济合作。6月29日,大陆的海峡两岸关系协会和台湾的海峡交流基金会在重庆签署了此协议,同意建立一个增进两岸经济合作的体系机制。
Levi's launches new brand in China 李维斯在中国推出新全球品牌
The Financial Times reported that Levi Strauss, icon of U.S. jeans culture, yesterday launched its new global brand, Denizen, in Shanghai. With echoes of the words denim, citizen and netizen, the five-pocket jeans are aimed at 18-29 year olds in emerging markets. Terence Tsang, head of the new brand, said it was the first time Levi's launched a new global brand outside of the U.S. Levi's joins a growing number of western companies taking extra steps to court Asian consumers by tailoring their brands for those markets. 据英国《金融时报》报道,美国牛仔裤文化的象征李维斯昨日在上海推出新的全球品牌Denizen。Denizen是英文牛仔斜纹布、公民和网民的结合,这种5个裤兜的牛仔裤面向新兴市场18岁至29岁人群销售。该新品牌主管特伦斯表示,这是李维斯首次在美国之外发布新的全球品牌。像越来越多的西方公司一样,李维斯正采取更多措施,让自己的品牌迎合亚洲市场,以吸引亚洲消费者。
Nokia explosion kills Indian youth 印度青年因手机爆炸死亡
An Indian man was killed when his Nokia handset exploded in his face, according to the Times of India. Gopal Gujjar, 23, was found dead on Aug. 16 with burns to his left ear, neck and shoulders, with pieces of a Nokia 1209 scattered nearby close to a farm in Bandha Village near the city of Kota in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. The Nokia website says this cellphone model was launched in August 2008, and is popular in the low-end market in Asian countries. 据《印度时报》消息,一名印度男子16日在使用诺基亚手机进行通话时,手机突然在其面部发生爆炸,造成其当场死亡。这名男子名叫戈帕尔•古加尔,今年23岁,事发地点位于印度北部拉贾斯坦邦的哥达市附近。他的左耳、颈部和肩膀处均有烧伤,诺基亚1209型手机的碎片散落在他的周围。诺基亚官网信息显示,诺基亚1209是一款2008年8月推出的机型,在亚洲地区低端市场较受欢迎。
Moscow bans vodka sales after 10pm 莫斯科晚十点后禁售伏特加
From the beginning of September, Moscow's supermarkets, shops and kiosks are not allowed to sell vodka from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., the Telegraph reported. Russian officials estimate that 500,000 people die of alcohol-related reasons every year, while President Dmitry Medvedev has declared Russia's drinking problem "a national disaster." The new ban is unlikely to affect more affluent Russian drinkers, however, as vodka will still be freely sold late into the night at restaurants and bars that serve food. 英国《每日电讯报》报道,从9月份开始,莫斯科的超市、商店以及茶点亭将不得在晚十点至早十点之间出售伏特加。据官方估计,俄罗斯每年约有50万人因酗酒死亡。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫也曾表示说,该国的饮酒问题已成为一场“国家灾难”。报道称,由于饭店和卖食品的酒吧依然可以在深夜自由出售伏特加,该禁令将不大可能影响到那些比较富有的饮酒者。

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