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       1. clock in    打卡

       Don't forget to clock in, otherwise you won't get paid. 


       2. come on to   对…轻薄;吃豆腐

       Tanya slapped Bill after he came on to her.

       Tanya 在 Bill 对她轻薄之后打了他一巴掌。

       3. come easily   易如反掌

       Languages come easily to some people.


       4. don't have a cow   别大惊小怪

       Don't have a cow! I'll pay for the damages.


       5. push around   欺骗

       Don't try to push me around!


       6. keep one's shirt on   保持冷静

       Keep your shirt on. He didn't mean to offend you. That's just the way he talks.


       7. cool it   冷静一点

       Cool it. You are making me mad.


       8. joy ride   兜风

       Let's go for a joy ride.


       9. rap   说唱乐

       Do you like rap music? I have trouble understanding the words.


       10. red-letter day   大日子

       This is a red-letter day for Susan. She made her first sale to a very important client.

       今天是 Susan 的大日子。她和一个非常重要的客户做成了第一笔生意。

       11. go up in smoke   成为泡影

       Peter's vacation plans went up in smoke when a crisis arose in the office.

       办公室出了问题,Peter 的假期泡汤了。

       12. hit the road   上路

       We should probably hit the road. It's going to take us two hours to get home.


       13. shape up   表现良好,乖

       You'd better shape up if you want to stay on.


       14. scare the shit out of someone   吓死某人了

       Don't sneak up behind me like that. You scared the shit out of me.


       15. pull strings   运用关系(源于“拉木偶的线”)

       He pulled some strings and managed to get us front row seats for the concert.



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