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       31. ripoff    骗人的东西

       What a ripoff! The new car I bought doesn't work!


       32. rock the boat   找麻烦

       Don't rock the boat! Things are fine just the way they are.


       33. blow it   搞砸了,弄坏了

       I blew it on that last exam.


       34. in hot water   有麻烦

       He is in hot water with his girlfriend recently.


       35. put one's foot in one's mouth   祸从口出

       Wally is always saying such stupid thing. He has a real talent for putting his foot in his mouth.


       36. flop   (表演、电影等)不卖座,失败

       The movie was a flop. Nobody went to see it.


       37. drop in/by/over   随时造访

       Feel free to drop in anytime. I'm usually home and I'd love the company.


       38. drop a line   写信

       Drop me a line!


       39. a bad hair day   不顺利的一天

       A: What's the matter Sam? You look upset.


       B: Oh, it's nothing. I'm just having a bad hair day -- everything's going wrong.


       除此之外,如果为了表达诙谐的语气,a bad hair day 的主语还可以是物。

       My computer is having a bad hair day.


       40. pull someone's leg   开某人的玩笑

       A: I met David Beckham in a pub last night and he bought me a drink.


       B: Are you pulling my leg?


       I was just pulling Karl's leg when I said Marissa wanted to go out with him, but he believed me and he called her. And now they really are going out!


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