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Chinese detained in UK illegal immigration clampdown

The UK Border Agency has carried out a series of planned nationwide enforcement operations over the past eight weeks.

The UK Border Agency has carried out a series of planned nationwide enforcement operations over the past eight weeks.
Dozens of Chinese nationals have been arrested in a series of enforcement operations carried out by the UK Border Agency and now face removal from the country. 在英国国家边境署开展的一系列强制行动中,数十名中国公民被逮捕,现在面临着被遣返回国的处置。
The enforcement operations took place over the past eight weeks as part of a planned nationwide operation by the UK Border Agency to tackle illegal working, sham marriages, bogus colleges, people smuggling and other organised immigration crime. 这一系列强制行动是在过去八周中进行的,是英国国家边境署一个计划性全国行动的一部分,该行动意在打击非法劳工、假结婚、造假院校、贩卖人口和其他有组织的移民犯罪等。
Most of the 73 arrests were made during raids on factories, restaurants and construction sites across the UK. The individuals were arrested for a variety of immigration offences including working in breach of visa conditions, overstaying visas, entering the country illegally and failure to leave the UK after unsuccessful asylum claims. 被逮捕的73人中,绝大多数人都是在对英国各地的工厂、餐馆和建筑工地的突击中被查出的。被逮捕的人中,有着各种各样的移民犯罪行为,包括在违反签证条件的情况下工作、签证过期居留、以非法方式进入英国以及在申请庇护失败后未离开英国等。
The offenders are being held in detention awaiting deportation. The businesses have been issued with warnings and they face paying a fine of up to £10,000 for every illegal worker they employ, unless they can prove they carried out the correct right-to-work checks. 这些违法者现正被拘留,等待被遣返。雇佣他们的企业已经被警告,如果不能证明企业曾进行过正确的工作权检查的话,就要面临每个非法劳工最多罚款10,000英镑的惩罚。
One raid, on the 20th August at the Yan Oriental restaurant in Westhill, netted seven Chinese men working illegally. This restaurant was served a civil penalty notice and faces a fine up to £70,000. 在8月20日进行的一次突击检查中,韦斯特希尔(Westhill)一家叫Yan Oriental的餐馆,逮捕了7名中国籍男性非法劳工。这家餐馆也收到了民事处罚通知,面临着最高被罚70,000英镑的处理。
Another operation, at Aroma Restaurant in Luton on July 21st, caught five Chinese nationals, who attempted to run from the rear of the premises. However, they did not get further than the back door where they were apprehended by Bedfordshire Police officers, who were supporting the operation. Three failed asylum seekers were amongst those arrested in this raid. 另外一次行动是7月21日在卢顿的Aroma 餐馆,逮捕了5名中国公民,当时他们曾试图从餐馆的后门逃跑。不过他们刚跑到后门,就被支持此次行动的贝德福德郡警官们逮捕。在这次被逮捕的人中,有3人是寻求庇护失败的。
In a separate incident a failed Chinese male asylum seeker made a last minute dash for freedom when he realised he was to be detained. The 39-year-old tried to avoid arrest by running into the sea at Torquay fully clothed, pursued by police officers. He was later hauled on to a boat, arrested and put in immigration detention, while a seat on a flight to Shanghai could be booked. 在另一次单独行动中,一名寻求庇护失败的中国籍男子在意识到自己将被逮捕的最后一刻企图逃脱。这名39岁的男子试图躲过被捕,穿着衣服跑进了托基(Torquay)的海水中,但还是被警察追到了。随后,他被拖上一艘船,并被逮捕,在等待订到飞往上海的机票期间,他被关在移民拘留所里。
Damian Green, the UK Immigration Minister, said: 英国移民事务大臣戴米恩•格林(Damian Green)说:
"The government has tasked the UK Border Agency with carrying out an intense period of enforcement activity over the summer. We are determined to make it harder than ever for illegal immigrants to come to the UK and for organised criminals to operate here. “政府授命英国国家边境署在整个夏季执行密集的强制行动。我们决定要比以往更严厉地打击前来英国的非法移民、以及在英国进行的有组织的犯罪。

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