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Daily News 2010-09-09

Li Zhiyu, a Peking University alumnus has turned down a full scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become a monk.

Student chooses prayer over study 北大高材生遁入空门
A Peking University alumnus has turned down a full scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become a monk, the Beijing News reported. Liu Zhiyu is not a monk yet but a jushi, which means he is in the period of preparation before becoming a monk, said a monk of Beijing's Longquan Temple. The period usually lasts several years. Xue Cheng, the abbot of the temple, said that whether one becomes a monk or not, the decision is down to the individual and should be respected. 据《新京报》报道,北京大学本科毕业生柳智宇,放弃了申请到的麻省理工学院全额奖学金,反而选择了出家修行。北京龙泉寺的一位和尚说,目前柳智宇只是龙泉寺的居士,还不是真正的和尚。居士是成为和尚的必经阶段,从居士到和尚一般要花几年时间。龙泉寺住持学诚法师称一个人出家与否,完全是个人的选择。我们应尊重个人的选择。
Salt mine turns into hospital 盐矿变身另类医院
The tunnels of the Solotvyno Salt Mine in Ukraine have made for an unconventional hospital ward, Wired magazine reported. For decades, the tunnels, hundreds of meters below the surface, have hosted subterranean convalescents. Patients with various bronchial blockages, asthma and breathing problems are sent to the mines by the Solotvyno's allergological hospital to suck up the curative air. Doctors at the Solotvyno's allergological hospital say airborne salts have the capacity to dissolve stubborn phlegm and kill off microorganisms known to cause infection, but experts in other regions of the world aren't convinced of the benefits. "There is very little evidence available to suggest it is an effective intervention treatment for people with asthma," Caroline Moye of Asthma UK told the Guardian. 据美国《连线》杂志报道,乌克兰的索罗特维诺盐矿居然变成了另类的医院病房。几十年来,这个地下数百米处的盐矿隧道一直充当着地下康复中心的角色。索罗特维诺的变应性疾病医院会将患有支气管阻塞、哮喘和其它呼吸系统疾病的患者送到该盐矿,让他们呼吸具有治疗功效的空气。该医院的医生表示,空气中的盐能够溶解顽固痰液并杀死导致传染病的微生物,但世界其它地区的专家并不相信这种疗效。英国哮喘协会的卡罗琳•莫耶在接受英国《卫报》采访时说:“几乎没有什么证据能证明这是一种有效的哮喘症干预疗法。”
BP, partners trade blame for oil spill 英石油推脱漏油责任
BP and its Gulf of Mexico oil well partners traded blame Wednesday after an internal BP investigation tried to downplay the company's role in the world's biggest offshore spill, Reuters reported. BP accepted some responsibility for the disaster but pointed the finger at what it said were major failures by Transocean, the oil rig's operator, and Halliburton, which cemented the deep-sea well that ruptured in April. 据路透社报道,英国石油公司周三发布了对墨西哥湾漏油事件的内部调查报告,将责任推给了合作公司。英石油接受了一些事故责任,但将大部分责任指向了其他公司,包括负责钻探工作的近海钻探承包商越洋钻探公司和负责加固漏油井盖的哈利伯顿公司。
Google needs web mapping nod 谷歌或放弃地图业务
China's State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM) granted online mapping licenses Wednesday to 31 firms, including Sogou, Baidu and Nokia, Sohu reported. Song Chaozhi, deputy director general of SBSM, said they have not received an application from Google to provide Internet mapping services in China. He noted that Nokia was the only foreign firm to have applied. 据搜狐报道,搜狗、百度和诺基亚等31家企业本周三获得了国家测绘局批准的互联网地图服务牌照。国家测绘局副局长宋超智表示,目前并未收到谷歌在中国提供互联网地图服务的申请。他还透露诺基亚是唯一一家提交申请的外资企业。
Piers Morgan to replace Larry King 拉里•金接班人确定
CNN announced Wednesday that Piers Morgan, 45, a former editor from British tabloid Daily Mirror and currently a judge on the popular NBC show America's Got Talent, will replace veteran talk show host Larry King next January, Reuters reported. King announced in June he would end Larry King Live after a 25-year reign.



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