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Daily News 2010-09-16

Hearses followed an ambulance carrying a woman who had been struck unconscious by a motorcyclist, wanting to know if she had died. 'It was even more hurtful than the accident,' the victim said.

Hearses followed an ambulance carrying a woman who had been struck unconscious by a motorcyclist, wanting to know if she had died. "It was even more hurtful than the accident," the victim said.
Hearses follow the living 殡仪车追着活人抢生意
Hearses followed an ambulance carrying a woman who had been struck unconscious by a motorcyclist, wanting to know if she had died, the Chongqing Times reported. After the motorcyclist ran away, passers-by dialed 120 for emergency medical help. Before the ambulance arrived, workers from a funeral home came in a hearse to take the victim, a nurse surnamed Zhou, away. They were stopped by the passers-by. Zhou was taken to a hospital followed by another two hearses, whose drivers asked if she had died. "It was even more hurtful than the accident," Zhou said. 据《重庆时报》报道,一名女子被一骑摩托车的人撞晕,上了救护车后竟然被两辆殡仪车尾随并打探她是不是死了。报道称,摩托车逃逸后,路人帮忙报警并打了120。但是在救护车到来之前,却开来了一辆殡仪车,上面的工作人员想把这位姓周的女护士带走,遭到路人拦阻。后来,她终于被送到医院,却又有两辆殡仪车追来问她死了没有。“这简直比出车祸还打击人”,她说。
Harsher punishment on food safety crimes 食品安全犯罪限用缓刑
The Supreme Peoples Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice jointly released a circular on Wednesday urging a "high voltage" crackdown to take place along with more severe punishments for food safety crimes, Xinhua reported. According to the document, in addition to casualties and the amount of money involved, Chinese courts should also weigh in on offenders' subjective culpability, criminal methods and the negative effects their behaviors cause to various markets when sentencing the criminals. Repeat offenders, principals of criminal groups and those resulting in severe harm to people or to large-scale sales should be "strictly" punished in accordance with laws and regulations, the circular instructed. "Those deserving death penalties should be resolutely sentenced to death," it said. "Generally, officials who are involved in food safety crimes should not be given a reprieve or be exempt from criminal punishment." 据新华社报道,最高人民法院、最高人民检察院、公安部、司法部昨天联合发出通知,要求保持打击食品安全犯罪的高压态势,加大惩治力度。《通知》要求,人民法院对危害食品安全犯罪分子的定罪量刑,不仅要考虑犯罪数额、人身伤亡情况,还要充分考虑犯罪分子的主观恶性、犯罪手段、犯罪行为对市场秩序的破坏程度、恶劣影响等。对于危害食品安全犯罪的累犯、惯犯、共同犯罪中的主犯、对人体健康造成严重危害以及销售金额巨大的犯罪分子,要坚决依法严惩。通知强调:“罪当判处死刑的,要坚决依法判处死刑;对于与危害食品安全相关的职务犯罪分子,一般不得适用缓刑或者判处免予刑罚。”
Transportation insurance for students 学生将获交通安全保险
The China National Committee for the Well-Being of the Youth announced yesterday a transportation insurance scheme for primary-and middle-school students nationwide to be rolled out over the next 10 years, the Beijing Daily reported. More than 4,000 students die in traffic accidents every year, and tens of thousands are injured. The scheme will be launched in four pilot cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, in mid-October. NCI Insurance will cover children involved in traffic accidents that occur on the road between schools and homes, with 100,000 yuan as the highest compensation fee. 《北京日报》消息,中国关心下一代工作委员会昨日宣布,未来10年内,交通安全保险将覆盖全国所有的中小学生。数据显示,每年全国中小学生因道路交通事故死亡4000余人,伤残数万人。从10月中旬开始,该计划会首先在京津沪渝四大城市试点。这份保险由新华保险承保,保险责任包括上学、放学途中因交通事故所导致的意外伤害,最高赔付金额可达10万元。
Public bathrooms get rated in Chongqing 重庆星级公厕配空调
Public bathrooms in Chongqing Municipality will be classified into five star-standard levels, the Chongqing Morning Post reported. All the star-standard public bathrooms will be free and open 24 hours a day. There will not be flies or mosquitoes in them, and they won't smell. Their floors should be anti-skidding. Three-star public bathrooms should be air-conditioned and equipped with special toilets for children. They may also have background music, flowers and bonsais. The walls of the four-star and five-star ones will be decorated with paintings, and the facade of a five-star public toilet will be harmonious with the surroundings. 据《重庆晨报》报道,重庆市将公厕分为五个星级,所有星级公厕都全天开放,不收费。星级厕所没有蚊蝇,无异味,铺有防滑地面。三星级以上厕所装有空调,设有儿童小便器,还有鲜花﹑盆景及背景音乐。四星级以上的厕所得有装饰画,五星级公厕外观还要与周边环境融为一体。
Even doctors work while sick 医生竟然也带病工作
After polling 537 medical residents at 12 hospitals around the U.S., the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education found that nearly 58 percent of the respondents said they'd worked at least once while sick and 31 percent said they'd worked more than once while sick in the previous year, AP reported. About half said they hadn't had time to see a doctor about their illness. Dr. Thomas Nasca, the accreditation council's CEO, said residents are trained to put patients' needs above their own but also should recognize that if they're sick, their patients' would be better served by having another doctor take care of them. 据美联社报道,美国医学研究生教育认证委员会调查了全美12家医院537名医生后发现,近58%的接受调查的医生表示过去一年中至少有一次带病工作,31%的医生承认带病上班的次数大于一次。大约五成的医生表示没时间看病。认证委员会的首席执行官托马斯·纳斯卡医生表示,医生接受的教育就是要把病患的需求放在自己的需求之上,但是他们也应该认识到如果自己生病了,病人还是由其他医生照看比较好。
Sex ed in kindergarten 昆明幼儿园尝试性教育
Kindergarteners in Kunming, Yunnan Province, received sex education yesterday, Yunnan.cn reported. Teachers showed students pictures of girls' and boys' bodies. "Sex-education lessons in kindergartens are brave experiments," said a teacher surnamed Liu. "We hope that kids learn how to protect their bodies. This will surely benefit them all their lives." 据云南网报道,云南省昆明市昨日开始在幼儿园开设性教育课程。老师们在课堂上给孩子展示男生和女生的身体图片。一位姓刘的老师说:“幼儿园的性教育课程是一次大胆的尝试。我们希望孩子学会保护自己的身体,这些知识会让他们终身受用。”

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