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Back To The Future

片名:Back To The Future
导演:罗伯特•泽米吉斯(Robert Zemeckis)
主演:迈克尔•J•福克斯(Michael J. Fox)
         (Christopher Lloyd)
          莉•汤普森(Lea Thompson)
          克利斯丁•格拉夫(Crispin Glover)
          托马斯•F•威尔逊(Thomas F. Wilson)
          克劳迪娅•韦尔斯(Claudia Wells)



The Story




17-year-old Marty McFly lives with a grim and bleak family in Hill Valley, California. His father, George, is constantly bullied by his supervisor Biff Tannen, and his slobbish overweight mother, Lorraine, has a drinking problem. Marty's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, encourages him to pursue the dream of being a rock musician. 17岁的马蒂•麦克弗莱住在美国加州希尔谷。他的家庭阴郁乏味,父亲乔治经常被上司毕夫•泰南欺侮,母亲洛莲邋遢臃肿、嗜酒如命。马蒂渴望成为一名摇滚乐手,他的女友詹妮弗•帕克鼓励他大胆追求自己的梦想。
On October 26, 1985, Marty's friend and eccentric scientist Doc Brown shows him a DeLorean which he has modified into a time machine powered by plutonium. However, before Doc can make a trip into the future, the Libyan terrorists he stole the plutonium from show up and gun him down. Marty attempts to escape in the DeLorean but is accidentally transported back to November 5, 1955. 马蒂的朋友布朗博士是个行为古怪的科学家。在1985年10月26日这一天,博士向马蒂展示了一架由德罗宁跑车改装而成的时间机器,该机器使用钚原料驱动穿梭时空。就在博士即将展开未来之旅的时候,发现钚原料失窃的利比亚恐怖分子突然现身,开枪杀害了博士。马蒂开着德罗宁跑车试图逃走,结果却被意外地传送到了1955年11月5日。
In 1955, Marty runs into his teenage father George, who is being bullied by Biff. As George is about to be hit by Lorraine's father's car, Marty pushes him out of the way and takes the impact. As a result, Lorraine becomes infatuated with Marty instead of George. To make matters worse, Marty did not bring back any additional plutonium to power the time machine, so he must find the 1955 version of Doc Brown to help him return to 1985. Doc tells Marty that the only possible source of that amount of power is a bolt of lightning. He also deduces that Marty has prevented his parents from meeting. He tells Marty he must find a way to get them together or he will never exist. 在1955年,马蒂遇到了青少年时期的父亲乔治,这时他正被毕夫欺负。洛莲的父亲开车时险些撞到乔治,马蒂将乔治推开,自己却被车撞倒。结果,原本会就此对乔治一见钟情的洛莲转而迷恋上了马蒂。更糟糕的是,马蒂没有多余的钚原料来驱动时光机,因此,他必须找到1955年的布朗博士帮助他回到1985年。博士告诉马蒂,驱动时光机需要相当巨大的能量,而唯一可能的方法就是利用闪电。另外,据博士推断,这个时空里马蒂父母相识的契机已经被他破坏,马蒂必须设法撮合自己的父母,否则他将不复存在。
Marty plans to have George appear to rescue Lorraine from Marty's overt sexual advances on the night of the school dance. However, a drunk Biff unexpectedly shows up and forces himself on Lorraine. George arrives as planned to rescue Lorraine from Marty but finds Biff instead. Biff subjugates George, but George punches Biff in the face, knocking him out. A smitten Lorraine follows George to the dance floor, where they kiss for the first time, assuring Marty's existence. 在校园舞会之夜,马蒂计划假装调戏洛莲,让乔治到时跳出来英雄救美。然而出人意料的是,喝的醉醺醺的毕夫突然出现并开始骚扰洛莲。乔治按照计划前来救美,结果发现他的对手从马蒂换成了毕夫。毕夫威胁乔治,但乔治给了他迎面一拳,将他击昏在地。乔治的勇敢打动了洛莲,两人步入舞池,第一次亲吻对方 —— 这一标志性事件确保了马蒂能够继续存在。
Meanwhile, Marty writes Doc a letter to warn him of his murder in 1985. The lightning strike at 10:04 pm successfully sends Marty back to 1985, but he is too late to prevent Doc from being shot. However, Doc reveals he was wearing a bulletproof vest after reading the letter. 同时,马蒂给博士写了一封信,警告他在1985年会遭遇一场谋杀。闪电在当天夜里10点零4分准时落下,成功地将马蒂送回了1985年。但是马蒂晚到了一步,没能阻止枪击的发生。幸好博士因为读过马蒂的信,事先穿了一件防弹服。
When Marty returns home, he finds that his family situation has improved because of the way his parents' relationship was changed by his intervention in the past. Lorraine is physically fit, and George has become a self-confident and successful science fiction author. Biff has become an auto-detailer, and is now very deferential toward George. Just as Marty reunites with Jennifer, Doc arrives, insisting that they accompany him to the future to sort out his children.


(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)

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