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Back To The Future Part III

片名:Back To The Future Part III
        (Robert Zemeckis)
主演:迈克尔•J•福克斯(Michael J. Fox)
        (Christopher Lloyd)
          玛丽•斯汀伯根(Mary Steenburgen)
        (Thomas F. Wilson)
          莉•汤普森(Lea Thompson)
          伊丽莎白•苏(Elisabeth Shue)



The Story




In 1955, Marty McFly and Doc Brown use the information in Doc's 1885 letter to retrieve and repair the damaged DeLorean (which has been waiting for him in a mineshaft for 70 years). As they retrieve the car, Marty spies a tombstone with Doc's name, dated six days after the letter. Learning Doc was killed by Biff Tannen's ancestor, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, Marty decides to go back to 1885 to save Doc and bring him back to the future. 在1955年,马蒂•麦克弗莱和布朗博士按照博士于1885年寄出的信里的说明,找回并修好了损坏的德罗宁时光机(这辆跑车已在矿井里保存了70年)。在他们找回跑车的过程中,马蒂发现了一块墓碑,上面刻有博士的名字,死亡时间就在信寄出后的第七天。马蒂调查出博士是被毕夫•泰南的祖先——绰号“疯狗”的布福德•泰南杀害的,于是他决定回到1885年去救出博士,再一起回到未来。 
Marty arrives on September 2, 1885, in the middle of a United States Cavalry pursuit of Indians. Unfortunately, an arrow has ripped a hole in the fuel line, emptying the gas tank and rendering the DeLorean engine useless. Furthermore, Doc falls in love with the local schoolteacher, Clara Clayton, and considers staying in 1885. Marty must convince Doc to come back with him and find a way to get back to his time before it's too late. 马蒂乘时光机来到1885年9月2日,正好出现在美国骑兵追逐印第安人的战场上。不幸的是,一支箭在德罗宁的燃油管上扎了一个洞,跑车漏光了油,因此无法再启动了。更糟的是,博士爱上了当地的女教师克拉拉•克莱顿,打算就此留在1885年。马蒂必须在谋杀发生之前劝服博士和他一起回去,还要找出办法回到他原本所在的时空,否则一切就太晚了。
Buford tries killing Doc at a town festival but Marty intervenes; Buford then goads Marty into a showdown in two days' time. Doc reluctantly decides to return to the present with Marty. With the fuel tank in the DeLorean empty and gasoline unavailable, he devises a scheme to use a locomotive to push the DeLorean up to speed. 布福德试图在小镇的庆典上杀死博士,但是马蒂阻止了他。布福德于是用话激怒马蒂,逼他答应两天后与自己决斗。博士不情愿地决定和马蒂一起回到他们的时空。因为德罗宁的油箱已空空如也,在1885年也不可能找到汽油,所以他计划用火车头推动德罗宁时光机以达到穿越时空所需要的速度。
The night before their departure, Doc, despondent about his lost love, returns to the town saloon to get drunk. Marty rides to the saloon and convinces Doc to leave with him, when Buford arrives and demands the duel to take place immediately. Marty realizes his reputation is unimportant and refuses to fight. But Buford's gang captures Doc. Marty uses a steel door to a furnace as a bullet-proof shield, and knocks Buford out. With Buford no longer a threat, Marty and Doc steal the locomotive. 他们出发前的晚上,博士因为他失去的爱情而闷闷不乐,回到镇上的酒馆买醉。马蒂骑马赶到酒馆,劝说博士和他一起离开。就在这时,布福德忽然现身,要求立刻与马蒂决斗。马蒂意识到他个人的名誉并不重要,毅然弃权。然而,布福德一伙抓住了博士。马蒂用一块铁制的炉门挡住了布福德的子弹,并将他击昏在地。不用再顾忌布福德构成的威胁,马蒂和博士成功地偷到了计划所需要的火车头。
Meanwhile, Clara discovers Doc's model of the time travel experiment and rides after him. She boards the speeding locomotive and climb out to Doc while he is climbing towards the DeLorean. Unfortunately she falls off the side, hanging by her dress. Doc uses Marty's hoverboard to save Clara. They coast away from the train safely as the DeLorean disappears through time with Marty. 与此同时,克拉拉发现了博士制作的时空旅行实验的模型,于是骑马去找自己的爱人。当博士从火车头爬向德罗宁跑车的时候,克拉拉也登上了高速行驶的火车,钻出车窗向博士爬去,结果不幸从侧面掉了下来,整个人被裙子挂在了车头上。博士踩着马蒂的飞行滑板救下了克拉拉,两人离开火车,滑行到了安全的地方;而马蒂则与德罗宁跑车一起消失在时空隧道中。
Marty arrives safely on October 27, 1985, but the powerless DeLorean is destroyed when a freight train strikes it head-on. Marty returns to his home, discovering that everything has returned to the improved timeline. Marty finds Jennifer sleeping on her front porch. Later, Marty uses the lessons he learned in 1885 to avoid being goaded into a street race, avoiding the potential automobile accident which would cause more downward turns for the McFly family in the future. 马蒂安全地回到了1985年10月27日,然而那辆失去动力的德罗宁跑车被一列货车迎头撞上,零件四散。马蒂回到家里,发现一切都回到了他最初改善过的样子,女友詹妮弗也依旧在自家的门廊上熟睡。之后,马蒂吸取他在1885年得到的教训,不再因为被人激将而参加公路飙车,因而避免了原本会发生的车祸,由此改变了未来麦克弗莱一家逐渐没落的命运。
Marty takes Jennifer to the time machine wreckage. They worries that Doc has been lost in the past forever, when suddenly Doc Brown appears in a new time machine modeled after a locomotive with Clara (to whom he is now married) and their two sons. Doc tells Marty and Jennifer that the future has not been written yet, and that it is "whatever you make it, so make it a good one." After the Browns bid farewell to their friends, Doc's train converts into a hovertrain and roars off into an unknown time.


(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)

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