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Daily News 2010-10-24

Google admitted for the first time its 'Street View' cars around the world accidentally collected more personal data than previously disclosed -- including complete emails and passwords.

Google admitted for the first time its "Street View" cars around the world accidentally collected more personal data than previously disclosed -- including complete emails and passwords.
Google cars grabbed emails, passwords 谷歌:街景车截获邮件、密码
Google admitted for the first time its "Street View" cars around the world accidentally collected more personal data than previously disclosed -- including complete emails and passwords, Reuters reports. Google's Street View cars, which are well known for crisscrossing the globe and taking panoramic pictures of city streets, accidentally collected data from unsecured wireless networks used by residents in more than 30 countries, Google disclosed in May. "It's clear from those inspections that while most of the data is fragmentary, in some instances entire emails and URLs were captured, as well as passwords," Google Vice President of Engineering and Research Alan Eustace said in a post on Google's blog Friday. Google also said in the blog post that it hoped to delete the data as soon as possible. 路透社消息,美国谷歌公司承认,用于在全球收集街道图像的街景车意外收集了先前未公布的私人信息,其中包括私人电子邮件和密码等。谷歌在全球超过30个国家和地区利用街景车收集图像。今年5月,谷歌承认其街景车通过无线装置意外地收集过一些私人信息。谷歌负责工程和研发的副总裁艾伦·尤斯塔斯22日在谷歌博客上发帖说:“从核查结果明显看出,大部分数据是碎片;但在某些情况下,整个电子邮件、网址和密码都被截获。”谷歌表示希望尽快删除收集的信息。
Typhoon Megi hits Fujian 超强台风“鲇鱼”重创福建
As of 2 p.m. Saturday, 272,300 people have been evacuated before Typhoon Megi, the 13th typhoon to hit China this year, made landfall in Zhangpu County, Fujian Province, at 12:55 p.m., Xinhua reports. There was no immediate report of casualties in Fujian. But disasters caused by Megi have claimed 11 lives in Taiwan. As of 6 p.m. Saturday, more than 630,000 residents in nine counties in Fujian were affected and 453 houses were destroyed by the typhoon, which has caused a direct loss of over 1.5 billion yuan. Local seafood farmers were hit the most, with large amount of abalone washed onto the bank and thousands of fishing-boats damaged. 新华社消息,周六12时55分,今年第13号台风“鲇鱼”在福建省漳州市漳浦县登陆。截至周六下午2点,27.23万人因灾转移。“鲇鱼”已致台湾11人死亡,但在福建暂未造成人员伤亡。截至周六晚6时,漳州九县共有约63万人受灾,倒塌房屋453间,直接经济损失超15亿元,尤其是给当地海产品养殖户造成极大损失,大量鲍鱼被冲上沙滩,数千渔船损毁。
Drugs blamed for woman's death 湖北女子坠亡原因查明
A joint investigation team Saturday published the result of investigation into the death of a Hubei woman who jumped from the 7th floor of building of Hengyang Public Security Bureau, Xinhua reports. Su Li, 26, jumped to her death on Oct. 11. She worked in an Internet café in Leiyang City, Hunan Province. Investigators, led by the Politics and Law Committee of Hengyang Party Committee, say Su was on drugs, suffered brain damage and was not conscious before she jumped. Su's family accepted the result. 据新华社报道,由湖南衡阳市政法委牵头成立的联合调查组昨天公布了湖北女子苏莉在衡阳市公安局跳楼身亡事件的调查结果。苏莉现年26岁,此前在衡阳下辖耒阳市的一家网吧打工。10月11日,苏莉从衡阳市公安局办公楼7楼跳楼身亡。调查组报告认定苏莉系因吸毒等原因,大脑受到损伤,事发前神志不清,导致跳楼自杀。苏莉的亲属对调查结果表示认可。
Too many seniors, too few beds 养老院“一床难求”
By the end of 2009, China has 167 million senior citizens over the age of 60. About 19 million of them are over 80. But there are only 38,060 nursing homes nationwide, with 2.7 million beds. At Beijing Sijiqing Nursing Home, which has 500 beds, more than 2,700 seniors have applied for admittance since 2008. 截至2009年底,中国60岁及以上的老年人已经达到1.67亿,其中,80岁以上的老人1900万。但是,截至2009年底,全国各类养老机构有38060个,床位只有约270万张。北京四季青养老院有500张床位,在这里登记的大约有2700人,从2008年开始就要排队才能入住了。
Shark kills body boarder 美冲浪男被鲨鱼咬死
A surfer watched in shock as a huge shark suddenly surfaced just feet away and snatched a friend off a boogie board and dragged him to his death Friday at Surf Beach at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Santa Barbara, U.S., AFP reports citing the Los Angeles Times. Lucas Ransom, 19, died of massive injuries shortly after the shark attack. "It was very stealth," Ransom's friend Matthew Garcia said. "You would have never known there was a shark in the water. It was all really quick.” He said Ransom looked over and said "Help me, dude," before being dragged under. Witnesses told police the shark was between 4 to 6 meters in length. Authorities closed beaches for 72 hours after the attack. 法新社援引《洛杉矶时报》称,周五,在美国靠近圣巴巴拉市范登堡空军基地的冲浪海滩,一名冲浪运动员惊恐地目睹一条巨大的鲨鱼突然从数英尺外的海面冒出,把一位朋友从布吉冲浪板上拽下来,然后将其咬死。19岁的卢卡斯·兰塞姆被鲨鱼咬成重伤,随即身亡。兰塞姆的朋友马修·加西亚说:“它(鲨鱼)很鬼祟。你根本没法知道水里有鲨鱼。一切发生得太快了。”他还说,兰塞姆抬头望了一下,喊道:“哥们,救我!”, 然后就被拽下去了。目击者告诉警方说,鲨鱼有4至6米长。袭击事件发生以后,政府封锁海滩达72小时。

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