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Daily News 2010-10-26

Half of workers in China who have spent time abroad now make less than 5,000 yuan a month, according to the first employment survey of Chinese travelers.

Half of workers in China who have spent time abroad now make less than 5,000 yuan a month, according to the first employment survey of Chinese travelers.
International travel good for resumes 五成海归月薪不足5000元
Half of workers in China who have spent time abroad now make less than 5,000 yuan a month, according to the first employment survey of Chinese travelers, Legal Evening News reports. 30 percent earn between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan a month, mostly in white-collar jobs. 80 percent said they found a decent position within three months. Their international vision from their overseas experiences added value to their resumes. 据《法制晚报》报道,中国首份《海归就业力调查》显示:近五成海归的薪酬在5000元以内;其中近三成处于“小白领”水平,在3000-5000元之间,所占比例最高。近八成调查者3个月内就能找到满意的工作,他们的海外经历带来的“国际化视野”为其就业增加了砝码。
China ranks 17th in competitiveness 中国竞争力升至全球17
A Chinese Academy of Social Sciences report released Monday ranks China as 17th in the world in terms of national competitiveness, up 56 places since 1990, Xinhua reports. China's economic growth in the past 20 years came from resource consumption and large investments, especially the mass development of the real estate industry. China should strive to become one of the top five G-20 countries by 2020 and to rank second after the US by 2050. 据新华社报道,中国社科院周一发布2010《国家竞争力蓝皮书——中国国家竞争力报告》,中国国家竞争力列世界第17位,比1990年上升56位。中国近20年的经济增长是靠消耗资源和扩大投资,尤其是房地产业膨胀发展。中国力争2020年进入G20五强,2050年成为仅次于美国的世界第二强国。
Dam water reaches full capacity 三峡今上演175米“成人礼”
The water level at the Three Gorges Dam reached its planned highest mark at 9 am Tuesday, Xinhua reports. The 175-meter mark, "a milestone in the construction of the gigantic reservoir," will enable the project to fulfill its functions of flood control, power generation, navigation and water diversion, said Cao Guangjing, chairman of the China Three Gorges Project Corporation (CTGPC), the developer of the project. The new level does not mean complete success for the project. It does, however, allow for testing of various issues. 据新华社报道,周二上午9点,长江三峡水库首次达到最高蓄水位。中国长江三峡集团公司董事长曹广晶称,175米蓄水这一里程碑的时刻标志着三峡工程的防洪、发电、航运等功能达到设计要求,其巨大综合效益将得到充分发挥。这个新高度并不意味着此工程的全面胜利,还将面临更多的检验和挑战。
Chile miners play soccer with president 智利矿工与总统踢球
On Monday, the rescued Chilean miners played a friendly football match in the National Stadium in Santiago against a team led by President Sebastian Pinera, AP and Reuters report. Two weeks after being rescued, the men seemed energetic on the field and showed no apparent ill effects from the ordeal. After taking a 2-0 lead, the miners ran out of steam in the second half, allowing Pinera's team of cabinet members and rescue workers to come back hard for a 3-2 win. After the game, Pinera jokingly said they had to honor the bet made previously, vowing the winners would stay in the presidential palace and the losers would head down the mine. "We will have to rescue you guys again," he said. 据美联社和路透社报道,周一,智利的获救矿工在圣地亚哥国家体育场与智利总统塞巴斯蒂安·皮涅拉带领的球队进行了一场友谊赛。这些矿工获救已过去两周,他们在赛场上体力充沛,丝毫没表现出受困煎熬对他们造成什么负面影响。矿工们在上半场先赢两球,到了下半场体力不支,皮涅拉带领的内阁官员和营救人员组成的球队扳回3球,以3比2取胜。比赛过后,皮涅拉开玩笑道,他们对先前的赌注得言而有信:赢球的留在总统府,输球的下矿。他说:“那我们还得营救你们这些家伙一次!”
SGX to buy ASX for $8.3 billion 新澳证券交易所欲合并
Singapore Exchange has agreed a US$8.3 billion takeover of Australia's ASX Ltd., Reuters reports. The companies said the merger will save them US$30 million a year in costs and make them more competitive. SGX-ASX will oversee a market worth about US$1.9 trillion, ranking it fourth behind Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai among Asian bourses, according to the World Federation of Exchanges. The companies said they hope to close the deal in the second quarter of next year. However, the first major consolidation of Asia-Pacific exchanges faces regulatory hurdles, including getting Australia's parliament to lift a 15% ownership cap on the ASX and approval from the country's Foreign Investment Review Board. 路透社报道,新加坡证券交易所同意出83亿美元收购澳大利亚证券交易所。两家公司表示,此项合并可使它们每年节省3000万美元的开支,使它们更具竞争力。根据国际证券交易所联合会的数据,新澳证券交易所合并后,新公司将管理1.9万亿美元的市值,排在东京、香港、上海之后成为亚洲第四大证交所。两公司希望明年第二季度完成合并。然而,亚太证交所这个首例大规模合并面临些许政策阻碍,例如,澳大利亚议会规定对澳证交所的持股比例上限为15%,这个上限需要剔除。另外,合并还需得到澳外商投资审查委员会的批准。
Reflective vests for prostitutes 街头妓女要穿反光服
Prostitutes working on a street outside the town of Els Alamus in northern Spain have been ordered to wear reflective yellow vests or pay a 40-euro fine, the Daily Telegraph reports. Police claim the sex workers are not being specifically targeted because of what they do but because the vests make them visible to passing traffic and can reduce the risk of accidents. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,在西班牙北部埃尔斯—阿拉玛斯镇街头揽客的妓女必须穿上黄色反光背心,否则将被罚款40欧元。警方解释称,此举并非针对街头妓女的职业内容所为,而是要让过往的司机更容易看到她们,从而减少交通隐患。

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