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Daily News 2010-11-01

China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
China launches 6th GPS satellite 第6颗‘北斗星’凌晨升空
China launched its sixth navigation satellite early in the morning from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The "Beidou," or compass navigation satellite will form part of China's indigenous satellite-navigation and positioning network, reported Xinhua. The network will eventually consist of 35 satellites and be operational for Asia-Pacific by 2012 and globally by 2020. 据新华社报道,中国第6颗导航卫星今天凌晨在西昌卫星中心发射升空,该“北斗”卫星将成为中国自主研发导航定位系统的组成部分。这一体系最终将包括35颗卫星,并分别于2012和2020年在亚太和全世界范围内提供服务。
Oil, wine and noodles prices rise 食用油白酒方便面涨价
The price-rising pressure of international agricultural products affected China's products recently, reported the Guangzhou Daily. Edible oil price rose 10 percent at the end of October. Gujing Group decided to raise the price of original Chinese spirits by 5 to 20 percent from Oct 29. Four large Chinese spirits groups, Maotai, Wuliangye, Gujiao 1573 and Shuijingfang, already raised their prices in August. The biggest instant noodle group, Masterkong, raised the price of its classic instant noodles by 10 percent from Nov 1. 据《广州日报》报道,近期国际农产品涨价压力逐步传导至国内终端产品,国内市场的食用油10月底出现新一轮上涨,幅度达到10%。古井贡酒决定从10月29日开始,年份原浆系列产品价格上涨5%到20%。这是继8月茅台、五粮液、国窖1573及水井坊提价之后的又一高端白酒品牌涨价。方便面巨头康师傅从11月1日起也将其“经典袋面系列”涨价10%。
Housing agents get stricter rules 房产中介监管加码
The Sept. 29 new policy on real estate was released. The sharp rise in housing prices has been curbed. However, the regulations on real estate market will not be relaxed, reported China Business News. An official from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said his department has recently discussed the management methods for real estate agents. The government will set standards for the intermediary organ's capital and agent qualification. Other bad news for the real estate market is that the 30 percent interest discount-privilege policy for one family's first apartment has been canceled from Nov 1. A first-apartment purchase only receives as much as 15 percent interest discount, reported the Guangzhou Daily. 据《第一财经日报》报道,“9•29”楼市调控新政距今已经“满月”。新政调控效果初显,房价大幅上涨的势头已经初步得到遏制。而近期政策动向显示,楼市调控仍将继续深入,住房和城乡建设部一位官员透露,近日该部专门讨论了房地产经纪的管理办法,准备从资金监管、人员、机构到相关的活动都进行相应的规范。另据《广州日报》报道,即日起取消首套房贷利率最低7折优惠的政策,首套房贷的利率优惠最低下浮15%。
Taiji: No compensation 太极集团称无赔偿计划
The Chongqing-based Taiji Group said yesterday that it would stop producing its diet drug Qumei, but stated the drug was produced according to the national standard, so it would provide no compensation to consumers, Chinanews reported. 中国新闻网消息,重庆太极集团昨日称,将不再生产曲美减肥胶囊,并认为产品“符合国家标准”,因此对此前服用曲美的消费者没有赔偿计划。
'$410m' heroin stash found in Sydney 悉尼抓获4.1亿澳元毒品
More than 160 kilograms of heroin worth an estimated street value of $410 million has been found packed inside 10 wooden doors at Port Botany, reported AAP. A mother and her son from Sydney and a 33-year-old man from Hong Kong have been charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.




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