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Daily News 2010-11-21

People hoping to become Lanzhou beef noodles chefs and Linxia brick carvers may have to first pass the exam before qualifying to work.

People hoping to become Lanzhou beef noodles chefs and Linxia brick carvers may have to first pass the exam before qualifying to work.
Gansu to standardize culture-makers 兰州拉面师傅需考证
Gansu Province hopes to protect its culture by applying several provincial specialties to become regulated by national vocational qualification exam. If approved, people hoping to become Lanzhou beef noodles chefs and Linxia brick carvers must first pass the exam before qualifying to work. 为了保护传统文化,甘肃省欲向国家申请将具有“甘肃特色”的职业纳入国家职业资格考试中。一旦申请通过,那些从事牛肉拉面、临夏砖雕等特色职业的师傅将需要先通过资格考试再就业。
Cholera death toll nears 1,200 in Haiti 海地霍乱 近1200人死亡
Haiti's Health Ministry officials said Friday that 76 more people have died from cholera, raising the total number of victims to 1,186 since the first outbreak of the disease was detected a month ago just north of the capital Port-au-Prince, Xinhua reports. Efforts to contain the epidemic now face a series of disturbances in the streets of the capital, where hundreds of protestors continue to clash with UN soldiers. The protesters blame the soldiers for bringing cholera to the country. 据新华社报道,海地卫生部门周五称,海地又有76人死于霍乱。霍乱疫情于一个月前在北部首都太子港爆发至今,已造成1186人死亡。目前当局正在竭力控制霍乱疫情,但数百民众与驻扎在此的联合国维和部队发生冲突。抗议民众谴责正是联合国部队给他们带来了霍乱疫情。
Ancient scroll sells for 308 million 王羲之书法拍出3.08亿元
A rare hand scroll by calligrapher Wang Xizhi was sold Saturday for 308 million yuan at the autumn auction of China Guardian in Beijing, Xinhua reports. The price was the second-highest in the history of Chinese mainland's art market, after calligrapher Huang Tingjian's hand scroll "Pillar Ming" which sold for 436.8 million yuan last year. According to China Guardian Vice President Hu Yanyan, the copy of the original script had nine lines and was later divided into two parts. The item at Saturday's auction was the first half, with four lines and 41 characters. 据新华社报道,周六,在北京举行的中国嘉德秋季拍卖会上,书法家王羲之一款罕见的手书摹本卖了3.08亿元。在中国内地艺术市场历史上,这样的拍价名列第二,仅次于书法家黄庭坚的手书卷《砥柱铭》,后者在去年卖了4.368亿元。据中国嘉德副总裁胡妍妍介绍,这款手书原件的摹本包括9列,后来被分割成两部分。周六拍出的为上半部分,包括4列,共41字。
Spanish leaders criticize 'orgasm' ad 西班牙“高潮”宣传片遭批
Spanish politicians are criticizing a video by the Young Socialists in Catalonia in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote for the Socialist Party, BBC reports. The video concludes with the phrase, "Voting is a pleasure." The equality minister called it "misleading" advertising. The leader of the Popular Party of Catalonia, Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, said the video was an "attack on the dignity of women." The health minister, Leire Pajin, who is a Socialist, called on all parties to show respect for women and to act responsibly. But the Socialist Party of Catalonia's leader, Jose Montilla, defended the ad, saying "If it encourages people to vote, it's a good thing." 据英国广播公司报道,西班牙的政客们纷纷批评加泰罗尼亚的社会主义党青年派制作的一款宣传片。片中一名女子在给社会主义党投票时,假装达到了性高潮。片子结束时,打出了标语“投票即乐事”。平等大臣称这样的宣传非常“误导”。加泰罗尼亚大众党领导人艾丽西娅·桑切斯-卡马乔表示,这个片子是“对女性尊严的攻击”。作为社会主义党党员的卫生部部长莱尔·巴卿则呼吁各政党要尊重妇女,做事要负责。但是加泰罗尼亚的社会主义党领袖何塞·蒙蒂利亚却表示:“如果这片子能鼓励人们投票,那它就挺好。”

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