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Daily News 2010-12-14

Zhongshan First Court of Guangdong Province issued its first restraining order on Dec. 13.

Zhongshan First Court of Guangdong Province issued its first restraining order on Dec. 13.
Court issues restraining order 中山发首张“人身保护令”
Zhongshan First Court of Guangdong Province issued its first restraining order on Dec. 13, Xinhua reported. The female applicant is currently undergoing divorce proceedings due to alleged long-term domestic violence by her husband. The court ruled that for the next six months, her husband is forbidden to contact or harass her in any manner, which includes phone calls, letters or internet communications. 新华网报道,广东省中山市第一人民法院13日发出该市首张“人身保护令”,申请者是一名正在与其夫进行离婚诉讼的女子,其夫据称长期对她实施家庭暴力。法院判定,从即日起的6个月内,禁止相关人利用电话、信件、网络等方式接触或骚扰申请者。
Man arrested for porn blog 男子博客上写嫖娼心得
Police detained a man in Shishan Town of Guangdong Province on Nov. 21 for disseminating pornography, the Guangzhou Daily reported. Lin Moulong, 22, of Guangxi Province, is accused of uploading photos and diaries that detailed his activities with prostitutes. From March to November, police say he met with prostitutes more than 70 times and uploaded 171 photos and 48 diaries to his blog, which generated about 124,000 hits. 据《广州日报》报道,11月21日,一男子因涉嫌传播淫秽物品在广东狮山被捕。22岁的林某龙原系广西人,被指上传自己的嫖妓图片及相关日记。今年3月到11月,他共嫖娼70多次,事后上传了171张图片、48篇心得到其博客上,获得了约12.4万次点击。
Errant escalator injuries 23 深圳地铁扶梯故障23人伤
An escalator at exit B of Guomao station of the Shenzhen subway line 1 suddenly ran in the opposite direction (from up to down) at around 9 am today, injuring many passengers, sznews.com reported. Twenty-three passengers, including one pregnant woman, were sent to the hospital, most of whom suffered injuries to their legs or feet. 深圳新闻网报道,今天上午9点左右,深圳地铁一号线国贸站B出口附近一扶梯突然反转(由向上转为下行),造成多名乘客受伤。23人(包括一名孕妇)被送往医院救治, 大部分是腿伤和脚伤。
Apple dominates Twitter 2010 list 2010年科技趋势 iPad居首
Twitter ranked the year's trendiest topics into categories, PC World reported, and in the tech section, Apple garnered four spots while Google got two. The complete tech list: 1. Apple iPad 2. Google Android 3. Apple iOS 4. Apple iPhone 5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. New Twitter 7. HTC 8. RockMelt 9. MacBook Air 10. Google Instant. 据《微电脑世界》报道,Twitter日前发布年度趋势话题榜。在科技方面,苹果产品共占据四位,谷歌占有二席。十大科技趋势完全榜单为:1. 苹果iPad 2. 谷歌Android 3. 苹果iOS 4. 苹果iPhone 5.《使命召唤7:黑色行动》6. 新Twitter 7. 宏达电子 8. RockMelt 9. MacBook Air 10. 谷歌Instant。
4-year-old girl sexually assaulted 4岁女童遭性侵患淋病
A four-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Hangzhou's Jinlanchi kindergarten, Zhejiang Province on Dec. 1, the Today Morning Express reported. The girl's parents found their daughter wearing blood-stained underpants after school. A hospital exam revealed that the girl had been sexually abused and had contracted gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. Local police are investigating the case. 《今日早报》消息,浙江杭州金兰池幼儿园一名4岁女童12月1日遭到了性侵犯。放学后,女孩父母发现女儿的内裤沾满血渍。医院检查显示,女孩受到了性侵犯,并且已经感染淋病。当地警方正在调查此案。

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