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Daily News 2010-12-14

Still of the film 'The Founding of a Party'
Still of the film "The Founding of a Party"
Film captures history in Moscow 《建党伟业》克里姆林宫取景
The film production crew of "The Founding of a Party," which commemorates the Communist Party of China's 90th anniversary, filmed in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia for a week, China News Service reported. The portion shot in Moscow relates to a visit by communist members Liu Shaoqi, Zhang Tailei and Qu Qiubai in June 1921 to attend the Third International Communist Conference, where Lenin made several speeches. 据中新社报道,《建党伟业》剧组日前赴莫斯科克林姆林宫完成了为期一周的实地取景拍摄。《建党伟业》是一部为庆祝建党90周年的献礼片,此次赶赴俄罗斯,主要拍摄1921年6月刘少奇、张太雷和瞿秋白作为共产主义小组成员参加共产国际第三次代表大会以及列宁在会上作精彩演讲两场戏。
US fires electromagnetic cannon 美成功试射电磁炮
The US Navy last Friday successfully tested an electromagnetic cannon that fired a projectile 110 nautical miles (200 km), according to AFP. The cannon uses a powerful jolt of electrical current to propel a non-explosive slug along rails before launching it at supersonic velocities. The US Navy hopes this weapon will extend the range of weapons aboard ships, thereby protecting sailors. 据法新社报道,美国海军上周五成功试射了电磁轨道炮,将炮弹发射到110海里(200公里)以外的落点。这种武器使用超高压电流,在轨道上助推非爆型弹头至超音速后,将其发射出去。美国海军希望这种革命性的武器能够延伸舰载武器的打击范围,从而保护海军人员的安全。
Cuba launches 'objective' Wikipedia 古巴自建“维基百科”
Cuba has launched EcuRed, an online encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia, the Daily Telegraph reported. The official launch will be on Tuesday, but it was up and running on Monday with 19,345 entries. The site's stated mission is "to create and disseminate the knowledge of all and for all, from Cuba and with the world," and "the accumulation and development of knowledge, with a democratizing, non-profit, objective, from a de-colonizer point of view." It describes the United States as "the empire of our time" and "the most powerful nation of all time." 据英国《每日电讯报》消息,古巴近日推出类似维基百科、名为EcuRed的网络百科全书。EcuRed计划于当地时间周二正式推出,但周一就已经上线运行,一共有19345个创始词条。本着“古巴和世界一道,为自己和他人创造、传播一切知识”的目的,该站点的理念是“用去殖民化的观点,朝向民主化、非营利和客观的目标,积累和发展知识。”美国在EcuRed中被描述为“我们时代的帝国、一直以来最强大的国家。”
Man castrates daughter's lover 悍“父”阉割女儿男友
An enraged German father who disapproved of his daughter's relationship with an older man went to her boyfriend's home and castrated him with a bread knife, the Telegraph reported. Helmut Seifert, 47, was enraged when he heard his 17-year-old daughter was having a relationship with Phillip Genscher, 57. Seifert went to police in his home town of Bielefeld but officers said they were powerless to intervene. He then recruited two work colleagues from his factory and went to Genscher's house. "The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated. The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator," said police. Genscher nearly bled to death but managed to call police. His life was saved, but he will remain a eunuch for life.




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