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Daily News 2010-12-15
Money doesn't buy you happiness – unless you earn more than your friends.
Money doesn't buy you happiness – unless you earn more than your friends.
Earn more than friends to be happy 比朋友赚钱多最幸福
Money doesn't buy you happiness – unless you earn more than your friends, the Daily Mail reports. A study of life satisfaction in dozens of countries found that what matters is earning more than others, not the actual amount earned. 据英国《每日邮报》报道,有钱买不到幸福,但是比朋友赚钱多却可以使你很幸福。一项在多国进行的关于生活满意度的调查表明,人们并不在乎自己赚了多少,却在意是否比朋友赚得多。
Michael Moore funds Assange bail 阿桑奇保释申请获准
US filmmaker and activist Michael Moore has offered 20,000 dollars to help WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange post bail in London. Moore has also offered his own website and servers to WikiLeaks to help the organization continue disclosing government secrets, AFP reports. Assange won bail from a London court Tuesday, but remains in custody after Swedish prosecutors, who are seeking his extradition on sexual offense charges, lodged an appeal against the ruling. 据法新社报道,美国电影制片人迈克尔•莫尔近日向维基解密创始人朱利安•阿桑奇资助20000美元,用作保释费用。莫尔还贡献自己的网站和服务器,供维基解密继续揭露政府秘密。阿桑奇当地时间周二从伦敦法院获得保释许可,但瑞典检方就法院对他性侵犯一案的判决不服,试图通过上诉引渡阿桑奇,在此期间,他必须继续被关押。
Road reaches last 'isolated' county 西藏嘎隆拉隧道今开通
China's last "isolated" county was connected to the country's road network when the Galung La tunnel on the Medog Highway was completed today, China.org.cn reports. Medog County, in the southeastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, had previously been inaccessible by car. The highway from Medog County to Bome County will be 117 km long. Construction began in April 2009 and will finish next year. 据中国网报道,墨脱公路嘎隆拉隧道今日开通,这标志着国内最后一个“高原孤岛”县终于接入全国公路网。墨脱县位于西藏东南部,是目前我国唯一不通公路的县。墨脱公路全长117公里,连接波密和墨脱两县。2009年4月20日公路开工建设,预计明年可以全线通车。
'Slave' owner arrested 智障工人获救老板被捕
Police arrested factory owner Li Xinglin and his son, Li Chenglong, of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tuesday in southwest China's Sichuan Province for allegedly enslaving mentally ill workers, Xinhua reports. Police also rescued 12 mentally ill workers. 新华网报道,奴役智障工人的新疆维吾尔自治区工厂老板李兴林和其子李成龙周二在四川被捕,12名智障工人同时获救。
China to hike rare earth export tax 稀土出口关税明年调高
China will raise export tariffs on certain rare earths products in 2011, Xinhua reports. The Ministry of Finance statement didn't specify which types of rare earths would be affected. Rare earth exports are currently subject to taxes ranging from 15 to 25 percent. China has about 30 percent of the global rare earth reserves, but produces 97 percent of the world supply.




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