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Daily News 2010-12-21

If men value their marriages, then they should read Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones' ultimate gift guide to ensure they won't meet a divorce lawyer on the New Year.

If men value their marriages, then they should read Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones' ultimate gift guide to ensure they won't meet a divorce lawyer on the New Year.
Don't buy your wife the wrong gift 别给妻子买错礼物
If men value their marriages, then they should read Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones' ultimate gift guide to ensure they won't meet a divorce lawyer on the New Year. The don't-buy list includes anything edible. "I have a friend who is a size 18 whose boyfriend gave her a heart-shaped cookie on Valentine's Day -- that's a definite no," Jones writes. Also guys don't assume you possess any fashion prowess. "Clothes: you will get it wrong, as your taste is bound to be dodgy," Jones states. She also advises against anything with the words "anti-aging." On the approved list are romantic excursions, novels, lingerie, jewelry, something fragrant, such as rose bath oil, and something soft and snuggly, like cashmere. 如果男人珍惜他们的婚姻,他们应该读读英国《每日邮报》专栏作家莉斯·琼斯的终极版买礼物指南以确保新年的时候不因买错礼物而离婚。不要买的东西包括任何吃的。“我有一个朋友非常胖,她的男朋友却在情人节那天给她买了一个心形的甜点,这是绝对不可以的。”琼斯写道,男人不要以为你懂时尚,不要买的东西还包括衣服,“你一定会买错,因为你的品味肯定是有问题的”。琼斯还建议不要买任何上面写着“抗衰老”的东西。可以送的东西包括一个浪漫的假期、一本小说、内衣、珠宝、香香的东西比如说浴油,或者软软的舒服的东西,像开司米。
N. Korea 're-engages with IAEA' 朝鲜同意重新接受核查
North Korea offered to readmit the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to monitor its facilities in Yongbyon during New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's private mission to Pyongyang, Yonhap reports. Pyongyang reportedly also offered to negotiate the sale of 12,000 nuclear fuel rods. The return of IAEA inspectors is one of the preconditions set by Seoul and Washington for the resumption of the six-party talks. North Korea expelled IAEA monitors early last year following the imposition of UN sanctions for a rocket launch that was seen as a long-range missile test. 据韩国联合通讯社报道,在美国新墨西哥州州长理查德森对朝鲜进行私人访问之际,朝鲜同意接受国际原子能机构人员重返该国,检查宁边核设施。据报道,朝鲜还同意就出售1.2万根核燃料棒展开谈判。国际原子能机构人员重返朝鲜是首尔和华盛顿方面就重启六方会谈设定的前提条件之一。朝鲜去年早些时候发射火箭,外界认为是远程导弹测试,联合国因此对朝鲜进行了制裁。朝鲜随后将国际原子能核查人员驱逐出境。
New phone shuts off as class begins 儿童手机上课自动锁机
Teachers may express gratitude to Shenzhen's B&B Company for its launch of a specially designed mobile phone for kids, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported. A preloaded program locks the phone when class begins. In addition, parents can get their children's precise location by simply sending a text message. If a child holds down the SOS button, the phone will automatically text the parents with their child's location. 《南方都市报》消息,贝安贝公司一款专门为儿童设计的手机近日在深圳市场亮相。这款手机的预设程序可以让手机在上课时自动锁机,这一点应该会让老师们深感欣慰。家长们只要发一个短信,就可以收到孩子具体的位置信息。如果孩子长按SOS按键,手机还会自动向父母发送孩子的位置信息。
Bishop offers a 'real Christmas' 主教对暴雪不以为然
English Bishop Jonathan Gledhill has downplayed the successive snowfalls in Europe this month, explaining that there have been worse, the Daily Telegraph reports. Offering comfort to stranded passengers and frustrated shoppers, the bishop said all churches will still be open "for all who want a real Christmas." 据英国《每日电讯报》消息,英格兰地区红衣主教乔纳森·格莱德希尔对本月肆虐欧洲的暴风雪不以为然,并称曾经还有过更加恶劣的情况。大主教安慰了因天气原因被困的旅行者和无法出门购物的人们,他表示所有的教堂都会“为想过一个真正意义上的圣诞节的人们开放”。
Kobe's endorsement angers Armenians 代言土航科比再遭抗议
LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant's recent contract with Turkish Airlines has caused anger within Armenian groups of North America due to the two countries' tension over historical issues, CNN reports. Armenian groups and many scholars state that beginning in 1915, Turks committed genocide when more than a million ethnic Armenians were massacred in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey officially denies the killing was genocide. The debate is a source of tension between the two NATO allies. In May, the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly passed a nonbinding resolution that recognized the 1915 massacres of Armenians as genocide, but both the White House and State Department objected. 据美国有线电视新闻网消息,因美国和土耳其两国在历史问题方面的分歧,洛杉矶湖人队当家球星科比·布莱恩特与土耳其航空公司近日签订的代言合同,激怒了北美的亚美尼亚人。亚美尼亚团体和许多学者坚称,自1915年奥斯曼帝国的末日开始,土耳其残杀了一百多万亚美尼亚人,但土耳其政府正式否认这一说法。关于种族屠杀的辩论每年都会使土耳其和美国这两个北约盟国陷入紧张关系。今年5月,美国众议院外事委员会以微弱优势通过了一项没有约束作用力的决议,认定1915年的屠杀事件为“种族清洗”,不过遭到了白宫和美国国务院的共同反对。
Breastfeeding makes boys brighter 母乳喂养使男孩更聪明
Researchers have found that children who are breastfed for six months do better in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling, the Telegraph reports. The effect was strongest in boys. Boys are more responsive to maternal attention when learning, which could explain why breastfeeding had a greater effect on them. The researchers, from the University of Western Australia, also suggested that there may be substances in breast milk that help the brain develop. This effect may be more pronounced in boys because they lack some female hormones that are known to protect the brain. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,研究发现连续接受母乳喂养六个月以上的孩子在数学、阅读、写作以及拼写方面更加出色。这一效应在男孩身上尤其明显。造成这一现象的原因是男孩在学习时对于母亲对他的关心更加敏感。提出这一研究结论的西澳大学的研究者还发现母乳中可能含有促进大脑发育的物质。由于男孩缺乏保护大脑的女性荷尔蒙,所以母乳的作用在男孩身上更加明显。

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