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Daily News 2010-12-22

Five rusty blades found in his baby son's diaper stunned Pan Zerui and his family.

Five rusty blades found in his baby son's diaper stunned Pan Zerui and his family.
Rusty blades found in baby's diaper 纸尿片里突现生锈刀片
Five rusty blades found in his baby son's diaper stunned Pan Zerui and his family, the Guangzhou Daily reports. On Nov. 3, Pan's newly born son began crying and scratching at his genitals. Pan's wife felt something solid in the baby's diaper, which had the brand name "Quanrimei". It turned out there were five rusty blades in the diaper. Quanrimei said the blades must have accidentally fallen into materials used to make the diaper, and offered to pay 1,200 yuan compensation. But Pan said the blades might have affected his son's fertility and demanded 10,000 yuan. No agreement has yet been reached. 儿子使用的婴儿纸尿片里竟藏了5片锈刀片,这让潘泽瑞一家大惊失色。据《广州日报》报道,11月3日,潘泽瑞出生不久的儿子忽然大哭不止,并用手抓下身。他的妻子摸到儿子使用的“全日美”牌纸尿片里有硬梆梆的东西,结果发现竟是5片生锈的刀片。全日美公司后来回应称,刀片是不小心掉进纸尿片制作材料里的,并表示可以赔偿潘家1200元,而潘泽瑞则担心刀片可能影响儿子的生育能力,要求全日美公司赔偿1万元。目前,双方尚未达成一致。
'Most difficult' railway opens 宜万铁路今日正式通车
The 377km long Yiwan Railway, from Yichang in Hubei Province to Wanzhou District in Chongqing, opens for traffic Wednesday, the Beijing Daily reports. It took 50,000 workers seven years to build the railway, advancing only 50 km each year, the slowest rate of construction in the history of Chinese railways. Designer Hu Ziping said the Yiwan Railway had been so difficult to build because of the karst landforms along the route. Erosion by the Yangtze River had formed numerous gorges and construction was dogged by underground rivers and caves. Workers faced the constant danger of collapse and flooding. After other links are completed next year, the 18-hour journey time from Wuhan to Chongqing will be cut to 5 hours, and the trip from Chongqing to Shanghai will take less than 12 hours. 《北京日报》报道,全长377公里的宜万铁路(湖北宜昌至重庆万州区)周三正式通车运营。该铁路的建设耗时7年,5万名工人参与建设,年均进度仅50多公里,是中国铁路史上建设最慢的一条线路。宜万铁路设计负责人胡子平说,宜万铁路之所以难修是因为沿线的喀斯特地貌。沿路因长江侵蚀有许多峡谷,而且建设经常被暗河和山洞所阻断。工人们持续面临着洞穴塌方和河水泛滥的危险。待明年其它铁路贯通后,现在从武汉到重庆18小时的路程可以缩短到5小时,而从重庆到上海将不到12小时。
Hong Kong looks to mainland for maids 内地保姆或许可赴港工作
The number of Filipino domestic help workers bound for Hong Kong has decreased by half since the hostage crisis in the Philippines in August, leaving a shortage of maids for the city's residents, Guangzhou Daily reports. The Hong Kong government is now looking to the possibility of allowing domestic help workers from the mainland, which currently is illegal. Hong Kong laws allow Chinese mainland citizens to become permanent residents of Hong Kong after working in Hong Kong for seven years, which is apparently a problem for somebody. Many Hong Kong residents also worry that a large number of young women entering the city would have a negative impact on the stability of Hong Kong families. 《广州日报》22日报道,由于受到菲律宾人质事件的影响,赴港菲佣的数量减少了一半,香港政府现正寻求允许内地保姆到香港工作的可能性,目前内地保姆赴港工作是不合法的。根据香港法律,内地居民如果在香港工作七年以上就可以成为香港永久居民,这就使允许内地保姆到香港工作产生了问题。另外,许多香港居民也担心内地大量年轻女性涌入香港,会对香港的家庭稳定造成冲击。
US population sees slowing rise 美国人口增10%达3.08亿
New data from the latest US census shows the total population of the US grew to 308,745,538 in 2010, up from 281.4 million a decade ago, BBC reports. Despite the nearly 10% rise, the population figure marked the slowest growth in a decade since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Roughly 60% of the increase was from individuals born inside the US, while 40% was the result of those immigrating to the country. 据英国广播公司报道,美国人口普查局公布的最新数据显示,美国总人口从10年前的2.814亿增长到2010年的3.08745538亿。虽然增长率达10%,但却是上世纪30年代“大萧条”以来美国人口增速最低的十年,其中约60%的新增人口为在美国出生的新生儿,另40%是新移民。
Spain votes for tough smoking ban 西班牙再推严格禁烟令
Spanish lawmakers have voted to approve a tough new anti-smoking law, meaning that from Jan. 2, bars and restaurants will be no-smoking zones, BBC reports. Smokers will also not be allowed to light up on television broadcasts, near hospitals or in school playgrounds. Bar and cafe owners fear the law will adversely affect business. But doctors argue the new legislation will help smokers give up. About 160 Spaniards a day die from smoking-related illnesses, four of them from passive smoking. 据英国广播公司报道,日前,西班牙立法者投票通过了又一项严格的禁烟法规。这意味着从1月2日起,所有的酒吧和餐馆将成为无烟区。烟民将不得在电视广播里、医院附近或学校操场上抽烟。尽管酒吧和咖啡店老板担心该法规会严重影响他们的生意,医生们却认为这有助于烟民戒烟。据悉,每天约有160名西班牙人死于和吸烟相关的疾病,其中的1/4死于被动吸烟。
Spy game: UK, Russia oust diplomats 英俄间谍案互遣外交官
The UK expelled a Russian diplomat on suspicion of spying on Dec 10. Then on Dec. 16, Russia kicked out a British embassy staffer in Moscow in apparent retaliation, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Tuesday, CNN reports. A Russian aide to a British lawmaker was arrested recently and faces deportation, but that case is unconnected to the embassy expulsions, the Foreign Office stated. London's Sunday Times said the British intelligence service MI5 determined that the 25-year-old is a Russian sleeper agent. 据美国有线电视新闻网报道,英国12月10日遣返了一名俄罗斯外交官,称其从事间谍活动,俄国12月16日进行反击,也遣返了一名英国驻莫斯科大使馆的工作人员。一名英国立法人员的俄国助手近期被逮捕并面临被驱逐出境,但英国外交部表示这起案件与驱逐大使馆人员无关。伦敦的《星期日泰晤士报》曝料称,英国的情报机构MI5认为这名25岁的俄国人是俄潜伏间谍。

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