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Daily News 2010-12-23

Scientists say an entirely separate type of human identified from bones in Siberia co-existed and interbred with our own species, the BBC reported.

Scientists say an entirely separate type of human identified from bones in Siberia co-existed and interbred with our own species, the BBC reported.
Ancient human species discovered 科学家发现古代新人种
Scientists say an entirely separate type of human identified from bones in Siberia co-existed and interbred with our own species, the BBC reported. The ancient humans have been dubbed "Denisovans" after the caves in Siberia where their remains were found. There is also evidence that this population was widespread in Eurasia. A study in Nature journal shows that Denisovans co-existed with Neanderthals and interbred with our species-perhaps around 50,000 years ago. It's unknown when or how these humans disappeared, but it is likely something to do with modern people because all the "archaic" humans, such as Denisovans and Neanderthals, disappeared sometime after Homo sapiens arrived. 英国广播公司消息,科学家经过对在西伯利亚发现的一些骨头的鉴定,发现了一个完全不同的人种,该人种曾和我们的祖先共存和交配。这一古人种被称为“迪尼索万人”,是依据发现他们的遗骸的洞穴命名的。有证据表明这种人在欧亚大陆广泛分布。《自然》杂志发表的一项研究结果表明迪尼索万人曾与尼安德塔人共存并在大约5万年前与我们的祖先进行过交配。没有人知道这个人种是在什么时候消失以及如何消失的,但这很有可能跟现代人类有关,因为所有的古代人种,像迪尼索万人和尼安德塔人,都是在现代人出现之后消失的。
Norway hopes reflectors save reindeer 挪威保护驯鹿出新招
Norway's 200,000 reindeer are being fitted with reflectors to reduce the number of car crashes that kill around 500 of the animals each year, the Daily Telegraph reported. About 2,000 reindeer have been fitted with reflective yellow collars this month. "It really works," said Kristian Oevernes, an official from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. A test drive on a snowmobile demonstrated that marked reindeer were far more visible in the dark. 英国《每日电讯报》消息,挪威每年有大约500只驯鹿被汽车撞死,为了减少此类事故,挪威正在实施一项计划,在20万只驯鹿身上安装反光器。本月已有2000只驯鹿的脖子上带上了反光的黄色丝带。挪威公路管理处官员克里斯蒂安•欧威纳斯说:“这个办法真的很管用。”在雪地汽车上的一次测试驾驶显示,黑暗中,带有反光器的驯鹿比不带反光器的驯鹿更容易被人们发现。
Minds have healing powers 精神具有治愈力
The human mind has healing powers, according to a study by Harvard Medical School that found placebos work even when patients know they are fake, the Daily Telegraph reported. Even though the fake pills contain no active ingredients, patients often respond to them. The phenomenon was thought to result from the body being tricked into producing an effect that normally would have been brought about by the drugs. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,人类的意识的确能够治病。哈佛医学院的一项研究发现,即便给病人服用假的安慰剂,照样有效果。假安慰剂里面不含有效成分,病人服用后,“药效”还是可以显现出来。这种现象的原因,是由于人体认为服用的药物会有效果,然后“被骗”产生出一种安慰的力量。
Bride deceived by female husband 印度女子假扮新郎骗嫁妆
An Indian bride discovered that her husband was a woman, the Telegraph reported. For six months, Minati Khatua, 27, from Orissa, India, was told by her husband that they could not consummate their marriage because "he" was observing a religious ritual. She discovered her husband's secret when she walked in on her spouse in the bath. "I thought he was devout and respectful of me. But when I walked into the bathroom there was no mistaking that my husband was 100 percent a woman," she told police, who have launched a fraud investigation. The husband has since disappeared. Police believe the groom may have posed as a man to take advantage of the dowry, which reportedly included a car, gold ornaments and some £350 in cash. 一位印度新娘发现自己的丈夫竟然是个女人!据英国《每日电讯报》报道,来自印度奥里萨邦的米娜塔·卡托今年27岁。在婚后六个月的时间里,“丈夫”一直跟她说自己正在进行一种宗教仪式,不能与她圆房。直到她在“丈夫”洗澡时走进浴室,这才发现了“他”的秘密。米娜塔告诉警方:“我原以为‘他’很虔诚,对我很尊敬。但是当我走进浴室时,却发现‘他’百分之百是个女的,我绝对没看错。”目前,警方已就此骗局展开调查,而米娜塔的“丈夫”已然消失。警方认为该“新郎官”假扮男人可能是为了骗取嫁妆。据悉,米娜塔的嫁妆包括一辆汽车,一些金饰和大约350英镑现金。
Iron, folic acid make kids smarter 叶酸和铁有助孩子智力
Children in rural Nepal whose mothers took iron and folic acid supplements during pregnancy were smarter, more organized and had better fine motor skills, US researchers said Tuesday, Reuters reported. They said ensuring that pregnant women get this basic prenatal care could have a big effect on the educational future of children who live in poor communities where iron deficiency is common. Iron is essential for the development of the central nervous system, and iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, which affects 2 billion people, according to the World Health Organization. 路透社报道,美国的研究表明,在尼泊尔农村,怀孕期间补铁和叶酸的妈妈其孩子更聪明,做事更有条理而且有更好的驾车技术。研究人员说在贫困的地方缺铁非常常见,确保孕妇得到基本的产前保健将对孩子的智力发育意义重大。铁对中枢神经系统的发育非常重要。世界卫生组织的研究结果表明,缺铁是世界上最常见最普遍的营养不良现象,受影响的人口达到20亿。
61-year-old asks for eyelid surgery 六旬农村老汉割双眼皮
61-year-old peasant Mr. Yang went to a plastic surgery hospital yesterday and asked for double eyelid surgery, shm.com.cn reported. Mr. Yang has a pair of hypertrophic eyelids that prevent him opening his eyes wide. Mr. Yang said he has had the condition since he was young but it had got worse as he got older. His eyes now look like two lines and people often think he is asleep. His daughter had successful double eyelid surgery recently and this encouraged Mr. Yang to go to the hospital. Double eyelid surgery will remove fat from around Mr. Yang's eyes and he will be able to see the world much better. 水母网报道,今年61岁的庄稼汉杨大爷昨天去整形医院要求割双眼皮。老人长着一双肿眼泡,眼睛总是睁不开。杨大爷说他年轻的时候就是肿眼泡,等老了之后就愈发严重,眼睛直接眯成了一条线,不认识的人还以为他整天在睡觉。他女儿最近做了双眼皮手术效果不错,杨大爷就鼓起勇气也来到医院。双眼皮手术可以抽取眼部周围脂肪,术后杨大爷就可以更清晰地看世界了。

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