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Daily News 2010-12-30

Beijing opened five new suburban subway and light rail lines on Dec. 30, 2010.

Beijing opened five new suburban subway and light rail lines on Dec. 30, 2010.
Beijing opens 5 new metro lines 北京5条新建地铁通车
Beijing has opened five new suburban subway and light rail lines Thursday with the expectation of easing the chronic traffic congestion, Xinhua reports. The five lines -- Fangshan Line, Changping Line, (first phase) Line 15, Yizhuang Line and Daxing Line -- have a combined length of 108 km, which brings the total metro length to 336 km in the capital city. Beijing now has 14 rail lines in operation. 据新华社报道,北京五条新建地铁和轻轨周四建成通车,将缓解长久以来京城交通不畅的问题。这五条线路分别为:房山线、昌平线、15号线(第一阶段)、亦庄线和大兴线,它们的总里程为108公里,至此,北京14条运营的轨道交通线路的总里程达到336公里。
Defense Minister: don't forget war 梁光烈:和平不能忘战争
Chinese Defense Minister General Liang Guanglie warned that the threat of war must not be forgotten during a recent interview in Beijing. The general, quoting from an old Chinese adage, said "although we live in peace right now we will face danger if we forget wars. Never put the bayonets and guns away." He added that in the past few years, China's military has focused on core national safety needs and has made preparations for military conflict in every strategic direction. 中国国防部长梁光烈上将近日在北京接受采访时警告我们不能忘记战争的威胁。梁光烈引用中国的一句古话说:天下虽安,忘战必危。和平时期也不能马放南山,刀枪入库。他表示,近几年,中国军队以国家核心安全需求为导向,统筹推进各个战略方向军事斗争准备。
Free entry for drug smugglers 毒贩任意出入伦敦机场
Customs officers at Heathrow Airport were told not to stop suspected drug smugglers in the run-up to Christmas because of a staff shortage, the BBC reports. An email sent to staff asks them to help in "managing this situation" and not to seek to identify any passenger with "internal concealments." The UK Border Agency has admitted the email should not have been sent and said it will make sure a similar situation "does not arise in the future." 据英国广播公司消息,在今年圣诞前夕,因为人员短缺,英国伦敦希思罗机场的海关人员被告知停止扣留有携带毒品嫌疑的乘客。一封发给机场员工的电子邮件要求他们帮助“维持秩序”、不要主动去排查有“体内藏毒”的乘客。英国边检部门事后承认发出这样的邮件是一个错误,并表示类似情况“今后不会再发生”。
Eight abortions in quest for a son 女子15年打胎八次求子
A woman from Xinzhou County in Wuhan had eight abortions in 15 years in an attempt to satisfy her mother-in-law's demand for a son to carry on the family name. Ms. Zhao's mother-in-law was proud of giving birth to two sons and valued boys more than girls. When another daughter-in-law was unwilling to give birth to a second child after delivering a girl, she forced the couple to split up. Ms. Zhao is turning 40 and her mother-in-law suspects she cannot have another baby, so is looking for girls to go on blind dates with her son. She has asked her son to divorce his wife if he finds another girl. But her son refused. 武汉市新洲县赵女士为迎合婆婆“传宗接代”的思想15年怀孕8次,却均因为是女孩而打掉。婆婆一直以生了两个儿子为傲,“重男轻女”的思想根深蒂固。因为大媳妇生下女儿后不肯再生,婆婆就硬生生地将大儿子夫妻俩拆散。眼看二媳妇赵女士已近40岁,婆婆怀疑她不能再生,已经物色了好几位女子跟二儿子相亲,想碰到合适的就让他离婚,二儿子均未答应。
Jackson family slams TV 'autopsy' 杰克逊尸检节目播出受阻
Executors of Michael Jackson's estate wrote to Discovery Communications TV Wednesday, calling plans to broadcast a reenactment of the singer's autopsy "in shockingly bad taste," and demanding the cancellation of the program, Reuters reports. The show, "Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson," is set to air in Europe in January. An advertisement for the program shows a body covered by a sheet with one hand poking out wearing the singer's trademark sequined glove. A spokesman for Discovery Communications declined to comment. 路透社消息,迈克尔·杰克逊的遗嘱执行人周三致信探索通信电视网,要求取消再现杰克逊尸检的节目,并称该节目“品味差得惊人”。据悉,名为《迈克尔·杰克逊遗体解剖:他到底因何而死》的节目定于1月份在欧洲播出。该节目的宣传海报上呈现一具盖着单子的尸体,一只手伸出来,上面戴着音乐巨星的标志性闪光手套。探索通信发言人拒绝就此信件发表评论。
'Toy Story 3' 99% 'fresh' 《玩具总动员3》最受好评
"Toy Story 3" and "The Social Network" are the best-reviewed films of the year, according to the website Rotten Tomatoes, Reuters reports. "Toy Story 3" ranked No. 1 with critics, scoring a 99% "fresh" rating based on an average from 247 reviews. In order for a movie to receive the "fresh" rating, it must get at least 60% positive reviews, otherwise it's classified as "rotten." Critics gave "The Social Network" a 97% positive "Tomatometer" rating from 258 reviews. 路透社消息,影评网站烂番茄的数据显示,《玩具总动员3》和《社交网络》是年度最受好评的电影。247篇影评对《玩具总动员3》的平均评价是99%“新鲜”。一部电影得到的正面评价必须不少于60%,才可称为“新鲜”,否则就是“腐烂”。258篇影评对《社交网络》的平均评价为新鲜度97%。
Tallest model likes to wrestle men 最高女模特愿与男人摔跤
The world's tallest model has revealed that she wrestles men for $400 an hour, the Telegraph reports. Amazon Eve, from Turlock in California, stands 6 feet 9 inches tall and is a full-time model and actress. But she wrestles when asked. 31-year-old Eve dwarfs all other models on the catwalk. She earlier gave up on an acting career after Hollywood producers kept casting her as a monster or an alien, but says she still holds out hope of landing a major movie role.



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