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Daily News 2011-01-03
Research suggests that many women find being dumped by a girlfriend more devastating than a divorce.
Research suggests that many women find being dumped by a girlfriend more devastating than a divorce.
Loss of friend as painful as divorce被密友抛弃堪比离婚
Research suggests that many women find being dumped by a girlfriend more devastating than a divorce, the Daily Mail reports. Women tend to share everything with their closest female friends: hopes, secrets and insecurities -- things they would never dream of discussing with husbands or partners. So that friend is suddenly gone, it hurts. Women also tend to see their friendships as a measure of their worth, so when a relationship with a close friend ends, not only will women feel the pain of rejection but are also likely to feel a failure for not being able to maintain that friendship.研究显示,许多女性被闺中密友甩了后,会觉得比离婚还要痛苦。英国《每日邮报》报道称,女性会把她们的愿望﹑秘密以及不安全感等所有的一切和密友分享,而决不会跟丈夫或男友吐露。所以,密友的忽然离去会让人很受伤。另外,女性常会将友谊看成自身价值的度量衡。和密友决裂之后,她们不仅会因被拒而伤心,还会因不能维系这段友谊而产生挫败感。
Rush-hour ban on non-Beijing plates北京:高峰期限外地车
Starting tomorrow, cars registered outside of Beijing will be banned from being driven inside the 5th Ring Road on work days during the rush hours of 7 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 8 p.m., according to Beijing's new traffic rules, the Beijing News reported. Drivers who violate the rule will face fines.《新京报》消息,北京新的交通管控措施规定,从明天起,外地车辆在工作日早晚高峰两个时段7时至9时、17时至20时禁止进入北京五环内行驶。违反规定者将被处以罚款。
Hasta la vista, Gov. Schwarzenegger施瓦辛格离任加州州长
Arnold Schwarzenegger departs the governorship of California on Monday, ending a seven-year stint that has sharply divided opinion, the Daily Telegraph reports. Having taken the helm of the troubled state declaring "failure is not an option," Schwarzenegger, 63, exits with an approval rating of just 22 percent and a $28 billion budget deficit.英国《每日电讯报》报道,阿诺•施瓦辛格周一将让出加州州长的宝座,他任加州州长七年,留下无数争议。现年63岁的他接任麻烦不断的加州时宣称“失败不是一种选择”,而离任时的支持率仅有22%,并留下了280亿美元(约合1848亿元人民币)的财政赤字。
Iran reports downing 2 spy planes伊朗宣称击落西方侦察机
Iran claims to have shot down two unmanned Western reconnaissance drone aircraft in the Arabian Gulf, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Sunday, Reuters reported. This is the first announcement of its kind from Iran.据路透社报道,伊朗革命卫队一位高级指挥官周日宣称,伊朗在海湾地区击落了两架西方国家的无人驾驶侦察机。这是伊朗首次宣称击落此类侦察机。
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