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Daily News 2011-01-09

The Ministry of Education has not yet issued a plan to reform the current university enrollment system.

The Ministry of Education has not yet issued a plan to reform the current university enrollment system.
More time needed for education reform 高考改革方案”难出台
The Ministry of Education has not yet issued a plan to reform the current university enrollment system, the Beijing News reports. Some provinces already have administered the national college entrance exam a second time to try to improve their scores. Wang Feng, vice director of the National Education Development Research Center, said although the ministry has laid out some new reform measures, more time was needed to put them into effect nationwide. 据《新京报》报道,教育部并未对外公布“高考改革方案”。现在有一些省份已经开始高考改革,为了提高学生的分数,实行一年能考两次。国家教育发展研究中心教育体制改革研究室副主任王烽表示,尽管教育部现在公布了一些新的改革方法,但目前来看短时间内可能还很难出台具体的实施方案。
Shaolin Temple invests overseas 少林寺投资海外
Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist temple in China famous for its martial arts training, is investing overseas, said the Abbot Shi Yongxin yesterday, Beijing News reports. He said that Shaolin Temple owns more than 40 companies worldwide. Shi also rebutted criticism of over-commercialization of the temple, saying the temple has done far less than enough to spread its culture and spirit. 据《新京报》消息,少林寺方丈释永信昨日表示,少林寺目前正投资海外,在世界各地已成立了40多家公司。释永信还驳斥了少林寺“过度商业化”一说,并表示少林寺在传播其文化与精神方面做得还远远不够。
Website hacked for negative news story 拒删火灾新闻网站被黑
Hackers have been attacking Danyangnet, a portal site based in Jiangsu Province, since Thursday, when the website refused requests to delist a news item about a factory fire, Yangtse Evening News reports. According to the website, hackers have been sending malicious data packages and overloading its servers. 据《扬子晚报》消息,从周四开始,江苏省丹阳市“丹阳新闻网”便遭到了黑客的恶意攻击,起因是该网站拒绝删除一条关于某企业的火灾新闻。该网站表示,黑客不断向其发送恶意数据包,致使服务器过载。
Convertibles may damage hearing 开敞篷车有损听力
Driving a convertible with the top down could expose passengers to dangerous noise levels on a par with a building site, a new study from Saint Louis University School of Medicine asserts, the Daily Telegraph reported. Levels up to 100 decibels were recorded at speeds of 75 mph, which for long periods could damage hearing. Even at 55 mph, levels were above 85dB, the equivalent to a construction site. Experts recommend driving with the top closed when traveling for extended periods of time at speeds exceeding 52 mph. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,美国密苏里州圣路易斯大学医学院一项新研究表明,开敞篷车耳朵所承受的噪音量相当于在建筑工地的噪音分贝。当车速为75英里/时(121公里/时)时,噪音达到100分贝,长时间驾驶会导致听力受损。即使行驶速度在55英里/时(89公里/时),噪音也有85分贝,就像处于嘈杂的工地中。专家建议,驾车时速超过52英里(84公里)且距离较远的话不要敞开车顶。

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