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Daily News 2011-01-12
The supermarket is calling back tainted food.
The supermarket is calling back tainted food.
Man poisons food for extortion 男子投毒勒索超市
A 21-year-old suspect has been arrested for poisoning goods to extort money from a supermarket in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Daily reported. The man called the supermarket twice last week and asked for money. The second time, he told the supermarket he had poisoned six kinds of food. The police and some government agencies immediately began an investigation. They informed the public and tried to look for the customers who may have bought the food. 据《广州日报》报道,一名21岁的嫌疑人因投毒勒索广东省广州市的一家超市而被捕。上周,这名男子两次给超市打电话,索要钱财。第二次打电话时,他告诉超市说,他已对6种食品下了毒。警方和一些政府部门迅速展开调查,并发出公告,试图找到可能购买了这些食品的顾客。
Life sentence for evading tolls 偷逃过路费被判无期徒刑
A man in Yuzhou, Henan Province has been convicted of fraud and sentenced to life for using military vehicles' license plates to evade up to 3.68 million yuan in road tolls, the Dahe Daily reported. A life sentence for such a crime is unprecedented. The man is a local peasant in the transportation business who posed as a soldier and managed to get two fake military police vehicle license plates. He had evaded tolls 2,361 times over eight months before being caught. 据河南《大河报》消息,河南禹州市一名男子使用假军车牌照偷逃过路费总计368万元,被法院以诈骗罪判处无期徒刑。偷逃过路费被判无期徒刑,在国内还未有先例。该罪犯是当地的一个农民,经营运输生意,他假装成一名士兵,设法买到两套假武警军车牌照。在被抓获之前的8个月里,他总共违法免费通行高速公路2361次。
Cabbies on strike in Zhengzhou 郑州出租车集体停运
Taxi drivers in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, began a citywide strike Monday to protest cancellation of a rest day by local authorities, Beijing News reported. Local officials began enforcing a new rule at the start of the year that no longer permits drivers to take a day off after a six-day run. Authorities say they want to put more cabs on the road, but drivers say the extra work caused fatigue and jeopardized their business. The local government has put 4,000 officers on duty to monitor taxi drivers and make sure they carry passengers. One driver said more than half of the 10,607 licensed taxis were on strike. 据《新京报》报道,河南郑州的出租车司机周一起开始全市大罢工,以抗议当地政府取消休息日。新年伊始,当地政府开始实施新规定,不允许出租车司机工作六天后休息一天。政府称,他们想让更多的出租车上路,但司机们说超时的工作使他们很疲劳,并影响他们的生意。当地政府派了4000名警察监督出租车司机,以确保司机载客。一位出租车司机表示,全市10607辆合法出租车中一半以上停运。
Earthquake restoration funds misused 陇地震灾区重建款被挪用
The local government of Wenxian, Gansu Province, misused more than 80 million yuan in earthquake restoration funds, Economic Information reported. The money was meant for building new houses in disaster-stricken areas in Wenxian, where more than 78 percent of houses were destroyed or became inhabitable in the 2008 earthquake. Authorities lent money from the fund to local companies, while some people are still living in tents. The 44 built houses have also been found to have severe quality problems. 据《经济参考报》消息,甘肃文县政府截留8000多万元地震灾区重建款。在2008年发生的地震中,文县受灾地区78%以上的房屋受损或者无法再居住,重建款是用来为灾区建新房的,但县政府却将这些款项借给当地企业,而一些受灾群众仍住在帐篷里。重建的44户房屋也被曝有严重质量问题。
Man rapes, kidnaps wife's sister 河南男子强奸劫持妻姐
A 29-year-old man from Bo'ai County, Henan Province became violently enraged on Jan. 10 after his wife asked for divorce, the Dahe Daily reported. He brutally attacked his mother-in-law with both an axe and knife, and then raped his sister-in-law and held her and her 3-month-old daughter hostage as he attempted to negotiate with his wife. Local police freed the hostages and arrested the man. 《大河报》消息,1月10日,河南博爱县村民张某在妻子提出离婚后勃然大怒。29岁的张某先是残忍地用斧头和刀砍伤了岳母,接着又强奸了妻子的姐姐。为了和妻子进行谈判,他还把妻子姐姐及其3个月大的女儿劫为人质。当地警方解救了人质并已将张某抓获。

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