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Daily News 2011-01-13

Last year was freakish meteorologically for China, with severe weather hitting the nation with a frequency and intensity rarely seen.

Last year was freakish meteorologically for China, with severe weather hitting the nation with a frequency and intensity rarely seen.
2010 extreme weather worst in decade 去年极端天气异常恶劣
Song Lianchun, chief of the National Climate Center, said in Guangzhou that the damage from 2010's extremely high temperatures, drought and heavy precipitation was worst in a decade, Xinhua reported. He cited the deaths of over 4,800 people caused by extreme weather conditions, which also resulted in economic losses of over 500 billion yuan. Last year was freakish meteorologically for China, Song said, with severe weather hitting the nation with a frequency and intensity rarely seen. According to an official climate report, China received 681 millimeters of precipitation in 2010, 11.1 percent above the average, while the number of rainstorm days rose 21.5 percent above the average. However, the year-round temperature was just 0.7 percent above the average. 据新华社报道,国家气候中心主任宋连春日前在广州表示,2010年极端高温、大旱和强降雨带来的破坏为10年之最。他举例说极端天气造成4800多人死亡,经济损失超过5千亿元。他说,去年对中国来说是气象反常的一年,恶劣天气袭击中国的频率和强度很罕见。一份官方的气候报告显示,2010年中国的降水量为681毫米,比平均值高出11.1%,而暴风雪的天数比均值高出21.5%。但是全年的气温却比均值仅高出0.7%。
Lawyer accused in fatal hit-and-run 律师知法犯法 撞人逃逸
Zhang Zibiao, 39, a lawyer who has practiced law for 11 years stood trial in Beijing Tuesday for a hit-and-run incident that caused the death of 75-year-old Zhang Xiuying, the Beijing News reported. After having a couple of beers last June 29, Zhang drove his BMW and struck the elderly woman in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. He allegedly ignored a bystander who tried to stop him and drove on. Seriously injured, the woman died later. Zhang pleaded guilty but insisted he did not flee the accident because he did not realize he had actually hit someone. He said that he handed himself over to the police after realizing what had happened and compensated the victim's family 650,000 yuan. The judge, however, refused to accept his argument. 据《新京报》报道,从事法律工作11年的39岁律师张自标周二在北京因肇事逃逸案接受审判,这起事故造成75岁的老妪张秀英身亡。去年6月29日,张自标喝了几瓶啤酒后,开着他的宝马车上路,在北京朝阳区将老妪撞倒。据称,一路人试图将他拦下来,但他视而不见,继续开车前行。老妪受伤严重,过后去世。张自标认罪,但坚称事故发生后,他并没逃离现场,因为他根本没意识到撞了人。他表示,他知道撞人后,立即向警方自首,并赔偿死者家属65万元。但法官不接受他的辩解。
Home nurse charged with fraud 保姆骗钱挥霍被抓
A home nurse in Nanjing has been charged with fraud, the Modern Express reported. Police say 47-year-old Wang Mei tricked her employer into lending her money with the promise of huge interest, and then she took the money to purchase luxury items and gamble in Macao. She also managed to deceive her neighbor and her brother with her scheme. 据江苏《现代快报》消息,南京一名家政服务保姆日前因诈骗被逮捕并被提起公诉。公安机关表示,47岁的王梅骗他的雇主借钱给她,并答应返还高额利率。她拿了这些钱去购买奢侈品,还去澳门豪赌。除了雇主以外,王梅的邻居和她的亲弟弟也一并成为受害者。
Master Kong, Pepsi push up prices 饮料涨价:2.5升可乐涨1元
Major beverage companies are dealing with their rising costs by increasing prices on their products, Shandong Business News reported. The price of a 2.5-liter bottle of Pepsi has increased one yuan. And wholesalers say the price for Master Kong drinks has also increased. 《山东商报》报道,由于巨大的成本压力,国内多家饮料厂家纷纷提价。超市里的2.5升百事可乐已经提价1元。另有批发商确认,康师傅饮料的批发价格有所提高。

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