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Part II.

Listen to the following short passages and then choose one of the answers that best fits the meaning of each passage by blackening the corresponding circle. There are ten passages in this part of the test, with one question each, which carries two points.

11. The annual consumption of Coco-Cola per capita in the regional markets mentioned in the passage ranks in the following order.

a. Rural China, Beijing, the United States, Hong Kong.

b. Beijing, the United States, Rural China, Hong Kong.

c. The United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Rural China.

d. Shanghai, Rural China, the United States, Hong Kong.

12. Which of the following statements is not true of "fractional ownership?"

a. "Fractional ownership" allows people share the use of highly expensive commodities.

b. Thanks to "fractional ownership," people can afford luxuries like a super yacht.

c. "Fractional ownership" is identical to "time sharing."

d. "Fractional ownership" means part of the property right to the buyer.

13. What is the point the speaker is trying to make about technology development?

a. A mature technology requires less innovation.

b. Technical evolution is close to maturation in certain fields.

c. New types of energy are expected to mature in the near future.

d. Nanomaterials or photonics and carbon nanotubes are environmentally friendly.

14. Which of the following statements is true of the Parkinson's disease?

a. Parkinson's always shows the same symptoms on different people.

b. People inflicted with Parkinson's often have a shaking hand or a stiff hand.

c. The symptoms of Parkinson's vary among different patients.

d. Victims of Parkinson's find it difficult to recall what they have eaten for dinner.

15. Which of the following is true of world steel production?

a. The steel industry still has a bright prospect on a global scene.

b. Steel consumption in the world registered a drastic cut.

c. Steel makers are drastically cutting down their production.

d. Better promotion is needed for improving sales of steel products.

16. What does the speaker feel about summer pictures?

a. Summer films might cause mental damage to the audience.

b. Summer films need to give due respect to the audience's intelligence.

c. Summer films should cater to both children and grownups.

d. Summer films should not target at the mass-market.

17. Which of the following makes the most appropriate title for the passage?

a. Cold-War Policies and the Tourism Industry.

b. The Characteristics of Political Tourism.

c. The Rise of Political Tourism.

d. The Latest Developments of Political Tourism.

18. Which of the following statement is not true of therapeutic cloning?

a. "Therapeutic" cloning is used mainly for research purposes and therefore should be allowed to continue.

b. "Therapeutic" cloning is used for medical purposes and not for reproducing full human beings.

c. "Therapeutic" cloning is used for replacing the diseased parts of human organs.

d. Brain cell can be used in the future to cure the Parkinson's disease.

19. Which of the following statement is closest in meaning to the passage you have just heard?

a. The WTO ministerial conference held at Cancun is disappointing because the poor countries could not participate in the event.

b. The Cancun ministerial meeting was intended to create a more open and equitable trading system.

c. The main objective of the Cancun conference was to help the poorest countries in the world to develop their economy.

d. Opening up the market in poor countries would have a negative impact on their national economic development.

20. What has happened to the Amazon jungle?

a. Highways have been constructed through the jungle to help ease the traffic in the cities.

b. Jaguars, parrots and deer that once inhabited the jungle have left because the place was getting too hot for them.

c. The land has been cleared for growing soybeans because it is the most popular Brazilian food.

d. Fast economic development has brought devastating changes to the natural environment in Brazil.

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