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True Grit

片名:True Grit
原作:查尔斯•波蒂斯(Charles Portis)
导演:伊桑•科恩(Ethan Coen)
           乔尔•科恩(Joel Coen)
主演:杰夫•布里吉斯(Jeff Bridges)
           海莉•斯坦菲尔德(Hailee Steinfeld)
           乔什•布洛林(Josh Brolin)
           马特•达蒙(Matt Damon)



The Story




Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) is a straight-talking, hard-drinking lawman who doesn't see in grays. It's a black and white world to Rooster, and he's always in the right. 鲁斯特•考伯恩(又译狂人考伯恩,杰夫•布里吉斯 饰)是一名执法官。他直言不讳,嗜酒如命。在他的眼中,这个世界非黑即白,没有灰色地带,而他总是正义的代表。
Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) is a tenacious 14 year old who comes to Fort Smith, Arkansas to complete her father's unfinished business. Her father, Frank, was shot dead by the criminal Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin) after an argument over Chaney's gambling losses, and Mattie -- who's obviously the brains of her family -- is determined to get revenge for her father's murder. She doesn't want to bring in Chaney to be tried; she wants to shoot him dead herself. And after an introduction in which we see her outwit an elderly businessman and turn a tidy profit on her deceased father's ponies and other possessions (some of which were stolen by Chaney), Mattie hooks up with Rooster to track down the cowardly Chaney. 14岁的玛蒂•罗斯(海莉•斯坦菲尔德 饰)是一个顽强的女孩。为了处理父亲身后留下的生意,她来到了阿肯色州的史密斯堡。她的父亲弗兰克与不法之徒汤姆•钱尼(乔什•布洛林 饰)因为赌博起了争执,结果惨遭枪杀。父亲去世后,玛蒂显然成了家里的“顶梁柱”。她决心为父亲报仇雪恨,因此并不希望钱尼被捕后接受审判,而是想亲手干掉这个杀人犯。玛蒂刚刚出场就凭借自己的机智胜过了一个年长的商人,用父亲留下的几匹小马和其他财产换来了一大笔钱。(不过,父亲的部分财产已经被钱尼偷走。)玛蒂于是和鲁斯特搭伙,一起追踪已成惊弓之鸟的钱尼。
The third player in the mix is a Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf (Matt Damon). Now apparently Texas Rangers think highly of themselves, a fact which irritates lawmen from other states to no end. It also annoys Mattie who's confronted by LaBoeuf while in bed at a boarding house awaiting the start of her adventure with Rooster. LaBoeuf invites himself along on the chase as he's also been looking for Chaney without any luck, which earns harsh words from Mattie over LaBoeuf's lack of tracking skills. 在混乱的局面中出现的第三个角色,是一位名叫拉博夫的德克萨斯州巡警(马特•达蒙 饰)。德州巡警们总是自命不凡,这一点让其他州的执法者十分头疼。玛蒂在一处寄宿点等待着鲁斯特来带她踏上冒险之旅。一天正要就寝之时,她遇到了拉博夫。自信满满的巡警让小姑娘相当恼火。拉博夫也在追捕钱尼,但是始终一无所获;所以他不请自来地加入了玛蒂和鲁斯特的小队。玛蒂于是对拉博夫糟糕的追踪技能冷嘲热讽。
After a rough start in which the two men try and ditch the persistent Mattie, the threesome set out across the plains to find Chaney. The lawmen quickly discover not only is Mattie as stubborn, fearless and sharp-tongued as they come, she's also whip smart and determined to not have her quest for justice be denied.


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