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Daily News 2011-01-20

A 14-year-old boy conjured up the world's most frequently downloaded free iPhone application 'Bubble Ball.'

A 14-year-old boy conjured up the world's most frequently downloaded free iPhone application "Bubble Ball."
14-year-old creates hit iPhone game 男孩发明最火iPhone游戏
A 14-year-old boy working in a public library in Utah conjured up the world's most frequently downloaded free iPhone application "Bubble Ball," Reuters reports. It was downloaded one million times in its first two weeks of release from Apple's iTunes website and has since surpassed two million, replacing "Angry Birds" as the site's most popular free app. Robert Nay's hit game includes more than 4,000 lines of code. "I just took what I liked from different games and added my own stuff," Nay said. He sent it to the Apple app store on Dec. 22, and it was available for download on Dec. 29, his mother said. 据路透社报道,美国一名14岁男孩儿在犹他州的一家公共图书馆开发出全世界下载次数最多的iPhone免费应用程序《泡泡球》。游戏在苹果的iTunes网上一经发布,头两周下载次数达到100万,到目前为止,该游戏的下载量已逾200万次,超过《愤怒的小鸟》成为iTunes网站上最受欢迎的免费应用程序。罗伯特·内伊的这款热门游戏包含4000余条编码。内伊表示:“我只是从不同的游戏中借鉴来喜欢的成分,然后加入自己的东西。”他妈妈说,罗伯特12月22号把游戏发给苹果应用程序商店,12月29号,游戏上线供下载。
China now largest shipbuilding country 中国成为造船第一大国
China has surpassed South Korea to become the largest shipbuilding country in the world based on the number of ships it has built and the number of orders they have received, China Business News reports. The numbers are based on statistics released recently by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Growing demand for transport vessels as China's economy develops fueled the growth in the shipbuilding industry. 《第一财经日报》报道,工信部日前发布的统计数据显示,2010年全国造船完工量和订单量均超越韩国,成为世界造船第一大国。造船行业的大发展,总体上可以归结为经济快速增长带来的运力需求的增长。
Sleepiness = drunkenness behind wheel 疲劳驾驶危险似酒驾
A new study claims that driving for more than three hours without a break at night is the equivalent of being drunk behind the wheel, the Daily Telegraph reports. Even two hours of motorway driving in the dark can affect performance so severely that it is the same as having a couple of drinks. Experts at Cardiff University who carried out the research want governments to impose a maximum two-hour limit on continuous night-time driving in a bid to curb accidents and death rates. It is estimated that one-fifth of all traffic accidents are caused by sleepiness behind the wheel. One in three motorists admits to nodding off while driving at night. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,最新研究显示,夜间连续驾车超过3小时相当于酒后驾车,夜间即使在高速公路上行车两小时就会像喝了两杯酒一样严重影响驾驶员的反应。进行此项研究的卡迪夫大学的专家们希望政府出台一项夜间连续驾驶最长两小时的限令,以减少交通事故﹑降低死亡率。据估计,1/5的交通事故是由疲劳驾驶引起的,1/3的汽车驾驶员承认夜间行车时会打盹。
At least 741 dead in Brazil floods 巴西洪水致741人遇难
At least 207 people remain missing after Brazil's worst landslides in decades, as the death toll reached 741, Reuters reports. The list of the missing that was released by the Rio de Janeiro state prosecutor's office suggests the final death toll could be close to 1,000. 路透社消息,巴西几十年来最严重的泥石流已经导致741人遇难,至少207人失踪。里约热内卢州检察官办公室公布的失踪人员名单显示,最终的死亡人数可能接近1000。

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