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When Christmas Comes To Town










La, la, la, la... 啦,啦,啦,啦……
I'm wishing on a star 我向星星许愿
And trying to believe 尝试着去相信
That even though it's far 尽管路途遥远
He'll find me Christmas Eve 他会在圣诞前夜将我找到
I guess that Santa's busy 我想 圣诞老人很忙
'Cause he's never come around 因为他从未来拜访
I think of him 我想起了他
When Christmas comes to town 当圣诞来到小镇上
The best time of the year 一年中最美好的时光
When everyone comes home 所有人都回到自己的家
With all this Christmas cheer 在圣诞的欢乐气氛中
It's hard to be alone 不会有人感到孤独
Putting up the Christmas tree 支起圣诞树
With friends who come around 有朋友来走访
It's so much fun 多么欢乐
When Christmas comes to town 当圣诞来到小镇上
Presents for the children 为孩子们准备的礼物
Wrapped in red and green 包装得花花绿绿
All the things I've heard about 所有这些 都是听说
But never really seen 却从未亲眼见证
No one will be sleeping 无人入睡
On the night of Christmas Eve 在这个圣诞前夜
Hoping Santa's on his way 希望圣诞老人已经出发
When Santa's sleigh bells ring 当圣诞老人的雪橇铃声响起
I listen all around 我聆听四周
The herald angels sing 天使们在歌唱
I never hear a sound 可是我从未听到一丝音符
When all the dreams of children 孩子们曾经丢失的梦想
Once lost will all be found 都将被寻回
That's all I want 那就是我所有的愿望
When Christmas comes to town 当圣诞来到小镇上
That's all I want 那就是我所有的愿望
When Christmas comes to town


(China.org.cn Wendy 译)



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