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Winter's Bone

片名:Winter's Bone
导演:德布拉•格兰尼克(Debra Granik)
主演:詹妮弗•劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)
          约翰•哈克斯(John Hawkes)
          劳伦•斯威特赛尔(Lauren Sweetser)
          艾什莉•汤普森(Ashlee Thompson)
          以赛亚•斯通(Isaiah Stone)
          塔特•泰勒(Tate Taylor)
          雪莉•李(Sheryl Lee)
          加瑞特•迪拉胡特(Garret Dillahunt)
发行公司:Roadside Attractions


    The Story




Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) is an Ozark teen with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her mother has been rendered almost catatonic by mental illness, her methamphetamine-dealing father is missing, and her younger brother and sister are counting on her for survival. Ree ekes out what existence she can for her impoverished family, chopping firewood to keep out the chill and hunting squirrels to ward off the hunger. But things get even worse when the local sheriff (Garret Dillahunt) shows up to inform Ree that her father used the family homestead to secure bail and then disappeared. If Ree can't produce her father -- dead or alive -- for an impending court date, she'll lose what little she has. 芮•多莉(詹妮弗•劳伦斯 饰)生活在密苏里州的欧扎克高原上,虽然年纪轻轻,却已背负起生活的重担。母亲因为精神疾病缠身,基本上成了一个紧张性精神分裂症患者;父亲贩卖冰毒,却玩起了失踪;剩下一个弟弟和一个妹妹,他们的生活就全指望着她了。芮竭尽所能,砍柴驱寒取暖,打松鼠充饥,维持着这穷困潦倒的一家。然而,雪上加霜的事情还是发生了。当地的治安官(加瑞特•迪拉胡特 饰)突然出现,并告知芮:为了获得保释,她的父亲将家里的房子做了抵押,之后便消失了。眼看庭审之日一天天逼近,倘若芮交不出父亲(不管他是死是活),她将变得一无所有。
Winter's Bone is the story of Ree's urgent search for her father, which consists mostly of confronting one menacing criminal family member after another in a frustrating quest for information. No one is talking, everyone wants to stop Ree from asking questions, and it's clear that the clan's strict code of silence will be enforced with violence. But Ree has enough courage and desperation to keep her going, and with the help of her childhood friend Gail (Lauren Sweetser), her drug-addicted Uncle Teardrop (John Hawkes), and the occasional kindness of neighbors, she keeps searching.

《冬天的骨头》讲述的就是芮苦苦追寻父亲的故事。获取信息的途中,她处处受挫,面对的是一个又一个险恶的犯罪分子家族成员。没有人愿意说话,所有人都想堵住芮的嘴不让她发问;很显然,要让整个家族绝对保持沉默,暴力手段是少不了的。不过,芮有着足够的胆量,就是把命搭上,她也要一直走下去。这一路,她没有停止过寻找,不仅得到了儿时的玩伴盖尔(劳伦•斯威特赛尔 饰)和吸毒的叔叔(约翰•哈克斯 饰)的帮助,还间或博得了邻居的怜悯之心。


(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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