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We Belong Together








Don't you turn your back on me 不要把我抛在身后
Don't you walk away 不要独自走开
Don't you tell me that I don't care 不要说我不在乎
'Cause I do 其实我很在乎
Don't you tell me I'm not the one 不要说 我不是你想要的那个
Don't you tell me I ain't no fun 不要说 我呆板又无趣
Just tell me you love me like I love you 只要告诉我 你爱我正如我爱你一样
You know you do 你知道的 其实你爱我
When we're together 当我们陪伴在彼此身边
Gray skies clear up 阴沉的天空开始放晴
And I cheer up 我的心亦随之飞扬
To where I'm less depressed 抖擞精神 不再沮丧
And sincerely 真挚的声音
From the bottom of my heart 发自心底
I just can't take it 我只是无法承受
When we're apart 在离别的时候
We belong together 我们属于彼此
We belong together 我们属于彼此
Yes, we do 是的 就是这样
You'll be mine, forever 你是我的 直到永远
We belong together 我们属于彼此
We belong together 我们属于彼此
You know it's true 你知道的 这毋庸置疑
It's gonna stay this way, forever 天荒地老 此情不渝
Me and you 只有我和你
If I could really talk to you 如果我能向你吐露心声
If I could find a way 如果有办法做得到
I'm not shy 我不会害羞
There's a whole lot I wanna say 有多少话想对你倾诉
Of course there is 没错 有很多话要说
Talk about friendship and loyalty 让我们说说友谊 还有忠诚
Talk about how much you mean to me 说说你对我有多么重要
And I'd promise to always be by your side 我承诺会一直陪伴着你
Whenever you need me 任何时候 只要你需要
The day I met you 遇见你的那天
Was the luckiest day of my life 是我一生中最幸运的日子
And I'll bet you feel the same 我相信 你也是一样的感受
At least I hope you do 至少我希望如此
So don't forget me 所以请不要忘记我
If the future should take you away 即使时光飞逝 将你带离我的身边
'Cause you'll always be part of me 因为你一直是我生命中不可或缺的部分
We belong together 我们属于彼此
We belong together 我们属于彼此
Wait and see 时间将证明
It's gonna be this way, forever 天荒地老 此情不渝
We belong together 我们属于彼此
We belong together 我们属于彼此
Honestly 情真意切
We'll go on this way, forever 天荒地老 此情不渝
You and me 只有我和你
You and me



(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)




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