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Microblog buzz on parliamentary sessions (9)

File photo: Tycoon Cao Dewang

File photo: Tycoon Cao Dewang

The following is a collection of messages published during the two sessions on the official microblogs of Chinese media.

[三联生活周刊]: [Life Week]:
【史上最苛刻捐款】富豪曹德旺在半年内将2亿元善款发放到近10万农户手中,且差错率不超过1%,管理费不超过善款的3%远低于“行规”的10%,并聘请组建专业的委员会进行监督,这笔“史上最苛刻捐款”开创了中国捐赠者问责公益捐款的先河。(《广州日报》) 【Raising the bar】Tycoon Cao Dewang donated 200 million yuan (US$30.5 million) to nearly 100,000 farmers within six months; however, he imposed strict standards to ensure more money went to the farmers and less to bureaucrats or businessmen. Regulations stipulate that 10-percent of the total donation amount can go to management expenses and a margin of error. Cao paid no more than three percent in management expenses and succeeded in lowering the error rate to less than one percent. He went even further and employed a professional committee for supervision. By adhering to stricter standards, Cao was able to give farmers more money and less to middlemen while setting an example for higher standards in charitable donations. (Guangzhou Daily)

[New Weekly]


On Inviting "international experts" to address a meeting for five minutes: There have been more and more international academic conferences in China. Boasting participation of several foreign "experts", these meetings are labeled "international". When holding these meetings, the organizers will even claim to be "international leaders" in their respective fields. Given ample budgets by their companies, organizers will spend copious sums in the name of these "international conferences." This is no different money laundering. (China Youth Daily)
[财经网]: [caijing.com.cn]:
【没有童年的小学生】中国科技大学原党委书记郭传杰当着教育部长袁贵仁的面宣读了一封小学生来信。信中说,北京小升初电脑排位已经变味,家长怕孩子分不到好学校只能送礼,没关系的家长就给孩子报培训班,小学生们没有周末,没有童年和童趣,坑了整整一代国家的未来。(《检察日报》) 【Pupils without a childhood】Guo Chuanjie, former Party chief of the University of Science and Technology of China, personally read a letter from a primary school student to Minister of Education Yuan Guiren. The letter said: It's not that simple anymore for Beijing primary schools to electronically rank students for admission to junior high schools. Parents who fear their children won't be admitted to better schools will give gifts to school officials. Those parents without connections in the school system will sign their kids up for training classes. Students never have free time on the weekends, and don't get to experience the fun of childhood. This will do harm to China's future generation. (Procuratorial Daily)
[财经网]: [caijing.com.cn]:
【观点•剩女应改称“翡翠王小丫”】3月8日,在民盟6组分组讨论会上,广东的女政协委员李竟先抛出“剩女”话题。“‘剩女’这个词有歧视的味道,男性到了大龄不结婚,叫‘钻石王老五’,女同志稍微大一点,就成了‘剩女’了,这什么意思?既然男性叫钻石王老五,女性也可以叫翡翠王小丫。”(南方网) 【Opinion• "Left-over" ladies should be called "jade bachelorettes".】On March 8, Li Jingxian, a female CPPCC member from Guangdong Province, initiated a talk on "left-over" ladies at a panel discussion held by China Democratic League. "The idiom 'left-over ladies' implies a kind of discrimination," Li said. "Men, who are old enough to marry but still single are usually labeled 'diamond bachelors', so why should such women become 'left-over' ladies? We should call such women 'jade bachelorettes.'" (Southcn.com)

Excerpts reflect the views of microbloggers, not necessarily those of China.org.cn.


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