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Quotes from Premier Wen's press conference
[中英双语] 2011两会温总理答记者问精彩语录


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met the press.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met the press.
未来两年的工作不轻松 No easy work in coming two years
我们要有忧患意识,始终保持清醒的头脑。同时,又要树立信心,信心就像太阳一样,充满光明和希望。 "We must be prepared for hardship and keep our mind clear. Meanwhile, we must be confident, because confidence is like the sun that brings us brightness and hope."
我的任期还有两年,我深知这两年的工作不比任何一年要轻松。 "My term will end in two years. I am fully aware that my job in the coming two years will be no easier than that in any of the previous ones."
政如农工,日夜思之,思其始而成其终。 "Governing a country is like doing farm work. I will devote myself to it day and night in order to bring in a good harvest."
实现有质量和效益的7%的增长速度绝非易事 No easy task to achieve high-quality, efficient 7% growth
经济发展速度高,就业人数就会多,但通胀的压力也会大。经济发展速度低,就业人数少,但很容易使经济走向衰退。 "A fast growth speed would bring more jobs but lead to high inflationary pressure; a slower speed means less new jobs and risks economic recession."
我们要充分利用这样一个机会,调整经济结构,解决中国经济长期以来存在的不平衡、不协调和不可持续的问题。 "We should make full use of this opportunity to adjust the economic growth pattern and address the unbalanced, uncoordinated or unsustainable factors that have existed in China's economy for a long time."
这对政府是一个极大的考验。我们完全有决心能够办好这件事情。 "I think this poses a great test to the government, but we have the determination that we will ease the pressure successfully."
把中国同北非相类比是不正确的 Analogy between China & N. Africa 'not right'
我们十分关注西亚、北非发生的政治动荡,但是我们认为,任何把中国同西亚、北非发生政治动荡的国家相类比都是不正确的。 "China is deeply concerned about the political turbulence in some western Asian and northern African countries, but any analogy between China and those countries is not right."
我们选择了一条适合中国国情的发展道路。 "We have embarked on a development path that fits China's national conditions."
我们认为任何国家都要走适合自己国情的发展道路,我们尊重各国人民的选择。 "All countries can choose their own development paths based on their conditions and we respect their choices."

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