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Nuke safety check launched worldwide



Countries around the world began reviewing the safety of their nuclear reactors Tuesday amid rising nuclear safety concerns in Japan, Xinhua reported. 据新华社报道,随着日本核安全顾虑逐步加重,世界多国周二开始检查核反应堆的安全性能。
The EU will conduct stress tests on its member states' nuclear power plants by the end of the year, said EU's energy chief Guenther Oettinger. 欧盟能源专员冈瑟·厄廷格表示,年底前欧盟将对各成员国的核电厂进行压力测试。
Earlier on Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country will shut down seven of its oldest nuclear reactors built before 1980 for three months for a safety probe. 周二早些时候,德国总理安格拉·默克尔表示,德国将关闭1980年前修建的9座最老的核反应堆中的7座,进行3个月的安全检查。
France will also launch a series of checks to assess the safety of its nuclear reactors. "The results of these checks will be issued publicly," French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said. 法国将对国内的核反应堆进行一系列检查,以进行安全性能评估。法国总理弗朗索瓦·菲永说:“这些检测结果会公布于众。”
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that he had requested the Energy Ministry, the Natural Resources Ministry and the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency to "carry out an analysis of the current condition of the atomic sector and an analysis of the plans for future development." 俄罗斯总理弗拉基米尔·普京周二表示,他已要求能源部、自然资源部、俄罗斯联邦原子能机构“对原子能部门和今后的发展计划进行分析。”
China has suspended the approval process for nuclear power stations so that safety standards can be revised. It will also carry out safety checks on its existing plants.



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