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        (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
        (Elizabeth Taylor)
          理查德•伯顿(Richard Burton)
          雷克斯•哈里森(Rex Harrison)
        (Roddy McDowall)
        (Cesare Danova)



The Story




The movie opens shortly after the Battle of Pharsalus where Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) has defeated Pompey. Pompey flees to Egypt, hoping to enlist the support of the young Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII and his sister Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor). 在法萨卢战役中,尤利乌斯•恺撒(雷克斯•哈里森 饰)击败了庞培军团,影片就此展开。庞培逃到了埃及,希望能够得到年轻的法老托勒密十三世与其姊克娄巴特拉(伊丽莎白•泰勒 饰)的帮助。
Caesar pursues. As a gesture of 'goodwill', the Egyptians present Caesar with Pompey's head. As Caesar settles in at the palace, Apollodorus (Cesare Danova), disguised as a rug peddler, brings a gift from Cleopatra. When a suspicious Caesar unrolls the rug, he finds Cleopatra herself concealed within. He is intrigued. 恺撒乘胜追击。为了向这位统帅示好,埃及人献上了庞培的头颅。恺撒在埃及的宫殿里安顿下来,期间,伪装成地毯商贩的阿波罗多洛斯(西萨尔•达诺瓦 饰)为恺撒带来了克娄巴特拉的礼物。心存疑虑的恺撒展开地毯,发现克娄巴特拉本人就裹在地毯中。他很快被这位美人迷住了。
Cleopatra is crowned Queen of Egypt. She dreams of ruling the world with Caesar. When their son Caesarion is born, Caesar accepts him publicly, which becomes the talk of Rome and the Senate. 克娄巴特拉加冕为埃及女王,她梦想着与恺撒一起统治世界。两人的儿子恺撒里昂诞生之后,恺撒公开承认了这个孩子,整个罗马和元老院都对此议论纷纷。
After he is made dictator for life, Caesar sends for Cleopatra. She arrives in Rome in a lavish procession and wins the adulation of the Roman people. The Senate grows increasingly discontented amid rumors that Caesar wishes to be made king, which is anathema to the Romans. 成为罗马的终身独裁官之后,恺撒派人去接克娄巴特拉。埃及女王来到了罗马,她奢华的仪仗队列受到了罗马人民的热烈追捧。之后,恺撒想要称王的谣言甚嚣尘上,罗马人对此深恶痛绝,元老院的不满情绪日益高涨。
On the Ides of March 44 B.C., the Senate is preparing to vote on whether to award Caesar additional powers. Despite warnings from his wife and Cleopatra, he is confident of victory. However, he is stabbed to death by various senators. 公元前44年3月15日,元老院准备在这一天投票表决是否授予恺撒更大的权力。恺撒坚信自己会获胜,没有理会妻子和克娄巴特拉的警告,结果被一群元老院的成员刺死。
Octavian (Roddy McDowall), Caesar's nephew, is named as his heir, not Caesarion. Realizing she has no future in Rome, Cleopatra returns home to Egypt. Two years later, Marc Antony (Richard Burton) establishes a second triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus. They split up the empire. However, the rivalry between Octavian and Antony is becoming apparent. 恺撒的甥孙屋大维成了他的继承者,而不是恺撒里昂。克娄巴特拉意识到自己在罗马已没有前途可言,于是回到了家乡埃及。两年之后,马克•安东尼(理查德•伯顿 饰)与屋大维、李必达结成了“后三头同盟”,共同瓜分了罗马。然而,屋大维和安东尼之间的对立开始逐渐显现。
While planning a campaign against Parthia in the east, Antony realizes he needs money and supplies, and cannot get enough from anywhere but Egypt. After refusing several times to leave Egypt, Cleopatra gives in and meets him in Tarsus. They soon become lovers. 安东尼计划东征帕提亚帝国,他意识到只有埃及能够为他提供充足的金钱和补给。面对安东尼的邀请,克娄巴特拉多次拒绝,但最终还是妥协,离开埃及来到塔普苏斯与安东尼见面。两人很快坠入爱河。
Octavian uses their affair in his smear campaign against Antony. He clamors for war against Antony and his "Egyptian whore". The Senate is unmoved by his demands until Octavian reveals that Antony has left a will stating that he is to be buried in Egypt; shocked and insulted, the Senators who had previously stood by Antony abandon their hero and vote for war. 屋大维利用这段恋情在斗争中抹黑安东尼。他叫嚣要讨伐安东尼和他的“埃及婊子”。起初,元老院不为所动;屋大维随即揭露出安东尼曾经留下遗嘱要求死后葬在埃及。元老们震惊了,他们感觉受到了侮辱。原先站在安东尼一方的那些元老也抛弃了他们的英雄,转而支持对他宣战。
The war is decided at the naval Battle of Actium. Seeing Antony's ship burning, Cleopatra assumes he is dead and orders the Egyptian forces home. Antony follows, leaving his fleet leaderless and soon defeated. His soldiers have lost faith in him and abandon him during the night. Antony tries to goad Octavian into single combat, but is finally forced to flee into the city. 这场战争中决定性的一役是亚克兴角海战。战斗中,克娄巴特拉看到安东尼所乘的战舰着了火,以为他已经战死,于是命令她的军队撤回埃及。安东尼随即抛下战斗追赶而去。他的舰队群龙无首,因此遭遇惨败。安东尼的士兵们对他失望至极,入夜后便弃他而去。安东尼试图刺激屋大维与他一对一地决斗,但没有成功,被迫逃回城中。
Antony falls on his own sword and he dies in Cleopatra's arms. Realizing that her son is also dead, Cleopatra arranges to be bitten by a poisonous asp.


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