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       不管你身居要职还是一员小兵,不管你身处哪个行业,在工作中,你都不可避免地接触到taking notes和writing business letters。

       Informal language is often used when taking messages, because most of them are short notes for our convenience. 所以taking notes相对来说还是比较简单的。However, when writing business letters, faxes or memos, we not only require more formal language, but also right forms and appropriate techniques. 接下来,我们就列举一些商务信函的写作技巧:

       1. Use the writing paper with the name and address of the company on it to help the reader know at once where the letter comes from.


       2. Put each separate idea in a separate paragraph and number each paragraph to help the reader understand better.


       3. Try to be concise since most business people are rather busy and do not want to spend much time on reading letters.


       4. Always try to be courteous even if the letter is sent to a much smaller firm.


       5. Don't forget to check the grammar, punctuation and spelling before you send the letter.


       6 Please also remember to sign (or ask the person-in-charge to sign) at the end of the letter.


       需要注意的是,Some changes have taken place in recent years in the style of business letters in English. The style that is now current is much less formal and old-fashioned than the style used in many other languages: the words tend to be less formal and the sentences tend to be shorter, and some commonly used abbreviations have also been accepted in writing business letters. 时下商务信函的流行趋势是行文不必过于正式,但务须简洁,也可以使用一些约定俗成的英文缩写。

       提到英文缩写,我们再说一下英美的一点差异。Co. , Ltd. are short for Company or Limited for a British firm. If you read Plc, Bros. after a British firm, you know they stand for Public Limited Company, Brothers. If you read Corp. or Inc. after an American firm’s name, you know they stand for Corporation or Incorporated.

       英美对于一些job titles的称呼也有差异性。These are the rough equivalents:

       American: President

       British: Chairman

       American: Chief Executive Officer

       British: Managing Director

       American: Vice-president

       British: Director

       American: Financial Controller

       British: Ac

       不过,Many British firms now also use titles like "officer", "controller" and "director".

       英美不仅对于一些job titles的用法有所不同,他们对于一些occupational terminology的说法也存在差异。For example, pharmacist and solicitor are British English. The corresponding American terms are druggist and attorney. Do not worry about these differences. Speakers of American English will generally understand the British terms and speakers of British English will usually recognize the American terms.


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