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A quarter of boys fail physical fitness test in PKU

File photo: Peking University

File photo: Peking University
Over 25% of boys taking Peking University's annual student health and physical strength assessment failed to pass acceptable fitness standards, YNET reports. 据《北京青年报》报道,北京大学“学生体质健康测评”年度报告发布,有1/4的男生体测成绩不及格。
Roughly 83% of students passed the exam, falling short of 2007 physical fitness target -- 85%, with 25.76% of boys failing to meet standards. Conversely, only 6.45% of girls failed to meet standards. 北大全校学生体测及格率为82.69%,未达到国家2007年提出的五年之内体测及格率85%的目标。体测成绩显示,有25.76%的男生体测成绩“不及格”,而女生中只有6.45%不及格。
In an evaluation of body shape, only 40% of boys were reported to have a "normal weight," with 9.37% registering as "overweight" and 25.56% reported as "obese." 在身体形态评价中,处于“超重”(9.37%)和“肥胖”(25.56%)等级的男生已经超过1/3,仅有约 40%的男生处于“正常体重”。

In stark contrast, only 4.01% of girls were reported "obese" and 40% registered as "underweight."

(China.org.cn April 26, 2011)


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