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Royal wedding etiquette: What to wear

File photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton

File photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton
Royal weddings are full of protocol but what are guests expected to wear for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day? 皇室婚礼有很多礼仪规范。在威廉王子和凯特•米德尔顿大婚当日,宾客们的衣着都有什么讲究呢?
The invitation states guest should wear "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit". But what does that mean? 婚礼邀请函要求宾客须着“军装、晨燕尾服或日常西装”。那么,这又是些什么样的服装呢?
Uniform 军装
Only active members of the armed forces are allowed to wear military uniform and need permission from a commanding officer to do so. 只有军队里的现役官兵经指挥官批准后才可穿军装。
According to etiquette experts Debrett's, "Each regiment has its own traditions and protocol for weddings. For instance, in some... it is not customary to wear uniform at all, and swords may or may not be worn." 礼仪权威读物《德布雷特英国贵族年鉴》表示,“每个兵团都有自己的婚礼传统和礼仪规范。比方说,在某些……穿军装并非约定俗成的,刀剑可佩戴,也可不佩戴。
If speculation is correct and Prince William wears his RAF uniform, then his brother, as best man and an officer with the Household Cavalry, would be expected to wear his military attire too. 如果推测无误的话,威廉王子会穿着他的皇家空军制服,而他的弟弟——既是伴郎又是皇家骑兵团的一名军官——也会着军装参加婚礼。
Morning Coat 晨燕尾服
Men are expected to wear a grey or black morning coat, with a grey or yellow waistcoat and striped grey trousers. Add to this a grey top hat, to be worn when outside, or carried under the arm when indoors. Top hats should be removed for official photographs. Gloves matching the waistcoat should be carried. 男士可穿一套灰色或黑色晨燕尾服,搭配灰色或黄色的西服背心和灰色的条纹西裤,外加一顶灰色的大礼帽。户外活动时,须戴上礼帽;到了室内,用胳膊夹着礼帽即可。正式拍照时,须摘下礼帽。另外,还须携带一副搭配西服背心的手套。
Debrett's Guide to Wedding Etiquette advises against a backless waistcoat as this prevents the wearer from removing his coat. Ties should be worn, or a cravat with a pin, along with a plain shirt and cufflinks. Shoes should be black and lace-up. 《德布雷特英国贵族年鉴》在有关“婚礼的礼仪指南”章节里提到,不建议穿裸背背心,因为穿了这样的背心就没法脱去外面的燕尾服。须穿一件纯色衬衫,佩戴袖口链扣,系条领带或者别上一个领结;至于鞋子,则应穿黑色系带鞋。
For ladies this dress code means smart day dress - a suit, or a dress with a jacket, with hat and gloves, high heels and a matching handbag. 对女士而言,此条着装要求指的就是平日的时髦服装——套装或者带外套的裙装、帽子、手套、高跟鞋,另外搭配一个手提包。

Lounge Suit 日常西装
For men, this means a plain business suit, worn with a discreet collar and tie. 对男士来说,一套纯色的西装搭配一件素雅的衬衫,系上一条领带即可。
Ladies should wear a smart day dress. Hats are not compulsory - in fact at the wedding of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys-Jones the wearing of hats was discouraged. 女士可着平日的时髦裙装。帽子可戴可不戴——事实上,曾经在爱德华王子和索菲•吕琼斯的婚礼上,并不鼓励大家戴帽子。

And this word of warning from Debrett's: "It is notoriously difficult to socially kiss while wearing a wide-brimmed hat. There is a knack to tilting the head at a suitable angle, but two ladies both in wide-brimmed hats should avoid such an 'intimate' greeting."


(Source: Debrett's)



(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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