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Royal wedding etiquette: Speaking

File photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton

File photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton
Royal weddings are full of protocol but for guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day how should the key players be spoken to? 皇室婚礼有很多礼仪规范。在威廉王子和凯特•米德尔顿大婚当日,宾客们该如何称呼这些重要人物呢? 
The wedding reception will feature a traditional receiving line with the couple, Prince Charles and Kate's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton. 婚宴时,威廉王子夫妇、查尔斯王储、凯特的父母(即:米德尔顿夫妇)将按照传统的方式列队迎宾。
You'll be required to address members of the royal family in an appropriate manner. 遇见皇室家族的成员,称呼须得体。

Queen 女王
The Queen should be addressed first with "Your Majesty", and then "Ma'am." 遇到女王时,第一次称呼要用“陛下”,之后可称呼“夫人”。
Never speak unless spoken to. Aim for anything within the public realm and avoid anything private. 如果女王没有和你说话,则不要抢先开口。聊及的话题仅限于公共领域,而不要涉及私事。

Princes & Princesses 王子和公主
If you are concerned about how to address the younger princes or princesses, it's best to consult their office to find out what level of formality they might expect. 如果你想知道该怎样称呼那些比较年轻的王子和公主们,最好的办法就是咨询一下英国王室办公室,从而了解他们各自对礼节的要求水准。
Remember, anyone who has a title "His or her Royal Highness" should be addressed as "Your Royal Highness" for the first time, and subsequently "Sir" or "Ma'am". 记住:对于任何拥有“殿下”头衔的皇室成员,第一次称呼都要使用“殿下”,之后便可称呼“先生”或“夫人”。


If you are introduced to the Archbishop of Canterbury address him as "Your Grace" or "Archbishop"; the Dean of Westminster is addressed simply as "Dean". 如果你被引见给坎特伯雷大主教,则称呼他“大人”或“大主教”;对于威斯敏斯特教长,则可简单地称之为“教长”。
(Source: Debretts) (China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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