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Royal wedding etiquette: Eating

Start at the outside and work in as the meal progresses.

Start at the outside and work in as the meal progresses.
Royal weddings are full of protocol but what do guests need to know before sitting down to eat at William and Kate's wedding reception? 皇室婚礼有很多礼仪规范。那么,参加威廉王子和凯特•米德尔顿婚宴的宾客们都应该注意哪些方面呢?
The reception will be a buffet, so there is no need to worry about place settings. But there will be a sit-down dinner and dance in the evening so it is best to get to grips with table manners well in advance. 当天午餐招待会的形式是自助餐,因此没有餐位餐具方面的困扰。但是,傍晚的时候将举行正式的晚宴和舞会,所以还是事先掌握好餐桌礼仪为佳。
Cutlery dilemma 餐具:“左”“右”为难
It's quite simple -- start at the outside and work in as the meal progresses. The soup spoon will always be on the extreme right if soup is the first course. It will be second from the right if served as a second course. Dessert cutlery will always be at the top of the place setting with the fork facing right and the spoon above it facing left. 其实这很简单——根据上菜的顺序,由最外侧开始向内依次取用餐具。如果第一道菜品是汤,那么汤匙一定放置在你的最右手边。而如果汤是第二道菜,那么汤匙就会摆放在你右手边第二位。甜点专用餐具一般会水平放置在整套餐具的最上方,糕饼叉指向右侧,再向上是点心匙,指向左侧。
Drinks order 饮品的顺序
Glasses are also placed in the order in which they are used. So, for example, water, champagne, white wine, red wine, dessert wine. A napkin might be placed on the plate or to the left of the forks. 婚宴上的酒水杯也是按照取用顺序摆放的。例如,依次为水、香槟酒、白葡萄酒、红葡萄酒、餐末甜酒。餐巾可能放置在餐盘中,也可能摆放在餐叉左侧。
How to eat 用餐礼仪
Some dishes require their own etiquette. 各道菜点的吃法自有讲究。
Bread rolls: don't cut with a knife -- break with fingers. 面包卷:无需用餐刀切开,直接用手指撕着吃。
Soup: tip the bowl and scoop the spoon away from you; sip, don't slurp. 汤:将汤碗略微倾斜,用汤匙由后往前将汤舀起。小口喝汤,不要发出声音。
Asparagus: eaten with fingers, start with the head. 芦笋:用手拿着,从头部吃起。
Oysters: use an oyster fork to detach the oyster from its shell. Hold the shell between thumb and first two fingers, place against lower lip and slide the oyster and its juice out of the half shell. Don't swallow it whole. Chew slowly and savour.  牡蛎:用专门的牡蛎叉分离壳与肉。用拇指和食指、中指将半扇牡蛎连壳拿起,贴近下唇,将肉和汤汁送入口中。不要整个吞下。慢慢咀嚼回味。 
(Source: Debrett's) (China.org.cn Rebecca 译)

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