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Kissinger: China poses 'big challenge' for US

File photo of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

File photo of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
Given China's increasing power and economic status, dealing with the nation poses a "big challenge" for the United States, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told CNN on Sunday. 美国前国务卿亨利•基辛格周日接受美有线电视新闻网采访时称,鉴于日益强大的中国国力和经济地位,如何处理中美关系是美国要面临的“巨大挑战”。
Kissinger, who contributed a lot for the normalization of relations between Washington and Beijing, recently published his new work, entitled "On China". 基辛格曾为中美邦交正常化做出重要贡献。近日,他推出了新作《论中国》。
"I think America is entering a world in which we are neither dominant nor can we withdraw, but we are still the most powerful country," he said. "So how to conduct ourselves in such a world – it's a huge test for us. And China is the most closely approximate country in terms of power. And one with such a complex history. It's a big challenge." 他说:“我认为美国如今既不是世界的主导者,但也不能抽身以退,美国仍然是最强大的国家。如何在这样的世界格局下行事,对我们来说是巨大的考验。中国与我们在国力方面最为接近,而且他们有着如此漫长复杂的历史,这是很大的挑战。”

Another Cold War is not the answer, he said, as that would lead to "confrontations over an extended period of time" that would be "draining to both societies and draining to the countries that have to deal with both societies."


(China.org.cn June 14, 2011)


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