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Excerpts from the book Why and How the CPC Works in China

The book, named Why and How the CPC Works in China, puts forward a new way of introducing China and the CPC to the world.

The book, named Why and How the CPC Works in China, puts forward a new way of introducing China and the CPC to the world.
The international community now views China and the Communist Party of China (CPC) with increasing respect because of a series of important and symbolic events – from the "truly exceptional" Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition that attracted world attention to the fast economic growth obtained even against the backdrop of the international financial crisis. "China Model," "China Road" and "China Experience" have become hot topics of discussion both at home and abroad. Insightful people are pondering how the CPC could score such brilliant achievements, and how such a party can still be full of vigor and vitality 90 years after it was founded and 60 years after it gained power. 无与伦比的北京奥运会,举世瞩目的上海世博会,在世界金融危机背景下经济依然快速增长,这一系列重大成就和标志性事件,使国际社会刮目相看中国和中国共产党。于是,“中国模式”、“中国道路”、“中国经验”等等成了国内外许多人探讨的问题。一些有识之士在思考,为什么中国共产党能取得如此辉煌的执政成就?为什么这一个政党成立已经90年、执政超过60年,依然能够充满生机和活力?
The book, named Why and How the CPC Works in China, puts forward a new way of introducing China and the CPC to the world. It answers the following 13 questions of the CPC's history: 《历史的轨迹:中国共产党为什么能?》一书是向世界说明中国,向世界说明中国共产党的一次崭新尝试。该书对以下13个重大党史问题进行了解读:
1. Why was the CPC capable of establishing a new China? 1. 为什么能建立新中国?
In modern times, striving to save the Chinese nation when its very existence was at stake, numerous people with lofty ideals worked arduously at considerable sacrifice but did not succeed. Why could the CPC lead the Chinese people to establish a new China and realize the independence and emancipation of the Chinese nation? 在近代中国,为了挽救民族危亡,无数志士仁人付出了艰辛努力,乃至生命的代价,但结果都失败了。为什么中国共产党能领导人民建立新中国,实现中华民族的独立和解放?
2. How was the CPC able to clear up the mess left behind by the KMT? 2.为什么能收拾好国民党留下的烂摊子?
When the Kuomintang (KMT) fled the mainland of China in 1949 it took with it the country's foreign exchange reserves in gold and silver accumulated over the years, and left behind a national economy severely damaged by the turmoil of war. At that time many people doubted the capacity of the CPC to rule China. However, in just three years the CPC rebuilt China's national economy to the highest level before 1949. How could it do this? 1949年国民党逃离大陆时,带走了国家多年积累的金银和外汇储备,留下的是被战乱严重破坏的国民经济。当年,不少人怀疑中国共产党的执政能力,甚至有人等着看笑话。为什么仅用3年时间,中国共产党就将国民经济恢复到旧中国的最高水平?
3. How did the CPC keep the people's support despite its mistakes? 3.为什么犯过严重错误还能得到人民支持?
After the CPC became the national power holder it scored a series of achievements. However, it also committed mistakes such as the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. How could it win the people's support and continue in power even with those serious mistakes? 中国共产党执政后,取得了一系列重要成就,也发生过“大跃进”和“文化大革命”等失误。为什么犯了严重错误,中国共产党还能得到人民的支持、继续执政?
4. How did the CPC maintain power when the Eastern Bloc Communist Parties fell? 4.为什么没有像苏东共产党那样丧失执政地位?
At the end of the 1980s and in the early 1990s, the communist parties in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries lost their status as ruling parties one after another. Some Western political celebrities believed that the CPC would follow suit, but they were soon disappointed to find that the status of the CPC as a ruling party is as stable as Mount Tai. Why was the situation so different in China? What's the difference between the CPC and the communist parties of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries? 20世纪80年代末和90年代初,苏联和东欧执政的一些共产党相继失去执政地位。一些西方政要曾以为中国共产党也会步他们的后尘,但没过多长时间他们就惊奇地发现:中国共产党的执政地位依旧稳如泰山。为什么风景这边独好?中国共产党究竟与苏联和东欧共产党有什么不同?

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