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Full Text of Hu Jintao's speech at CPC anniversary gathering

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary. [Xinhua]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary. [Xinhua]
To make Party building more scientific under the new historical conditions, we must continue to free up our minds, seek truth from facts, advance with the times, adapt Marxism both to China's conditions and to the current times, and make it known to the general public so as to raise the ideological and political awareness of the whole Party. 在新的历史条件下提高党的建设科学化水平,必须坚持解放思想、实事求是、与时俱进,大力推进马克思主义中国化时代化大众化,提高全党思想政治水平。
The Party's growth over the past 90 years shows that theoretical maturity is the basis for political conviction, advancing with the times theoretically is a prerequisite for forging ahead in action, and unity of thinking is an important guarantee for the whole Party to march in step. We Chinese Communists believe that the basic tenets of Marxism are an irrefutable truth and that Marxism must be constantly enriched and developed as practice changes, and we never take Marxism as an empty, rigid, and stereotyped dogma. For Marxism, practice is the source of its theory, the basis for its development, and the criterion for testing its truth. Any actions that stick to dogma, ignore practice, or overstep or lag behind real life will not succeed. We made mistakes and even suffered severe setbacks in some historical periods, and their root cause was that the guiding principles of the Party at the time were divorced from the real conditions in China. It was only by restoring and upholding the line of seeking truth from facts that the Party was able to correct its mistakes, overcome its setbacks and forge ahead triumphantly by relying on its own strengths and those of the people. The experiences and lessons our Party has learned in this regard are reviewed systematically in the Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party and the Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party Since the Founding of the People's Republic of China. We must never forget these experiences and lessons. 90年来党的发展历程告诉我们,理论上的成熟是政治上坚定的基础,理论上的与时俱进是行动上锐意进取的前提,思想上的统一是全党步调一致的重要保证。中国共产党人坚信马克思主义基本原理是颠扑不破的科学真理,坚信马克思主义必须随着实践发展而不断丰富和发展,从来不把马克思主义看成是空洞、僵硬、刻板的教条。马克思主义,理论源泉是实践,发展依据是实践,检验标准也是实践。任何固守本本、漠视实践、超越或落后于实际生活的做法都不会得到成功。在历史上的一些时期,我们曾经犯过错误甚至遇到严重挫折,根本原因就在于当时的指导思想脱离了中国实际。我们党能够依靠自己和人民的力量纠正错误,在挫折中奋起,继续胜利前进,根本原因就在于重新恢复和坚持贯彻了实事求是。这方面的经验教训,我们党在《关于若干历史问题的决议》和《关于建国以来党的若干历史问题的决议》中进行了系统总结,我们必须牢牢记取。
The development of practice, cognition of the truth, and innovation of theories know no boundary. The practice of the Party and the people keeps progressing, so should the theories guiding it. The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics will definitely be expanded through the innovative practice of the Party and the people, and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics will surely continue to improve as we deepen reform and open up wider. This process will certainly open up broad prospects for theoretical innovation. In upholding Marxism under the new historical conditions, it is important to promptly address new issues emerging in practice and thus provide scientific guidance for practice. We should have a correct understanding of the global development trend and China's basic condition of being in the primary stage of socialism, find out more about the features of China's development at the current stage, review the new experience gained in a timely manner by the people led by the Party, and create new theories with the focus on major issues concerning economic and social development, so as to ensure the vitality of scientific theories. 实践发展永无止境,认识真理永无止境,理论创新永无止境。党和人民的实践是不断前进的,指导这种实践的理论也要不断前进。中国特色社会主义道路必将在党和人民的创造性实践中不断拓展,中国特色社会主义制度必将在深化改革、扩大开放中不断完善。这一过程必将为理论创新开辟广阔前景。在新的历史条件下坚持马克思主义,关键是要及时回答实践提出的新课题,为实践提供科学指导。我们要准确把握世界发展大势,准确把握社会主义初级阶段基本国情,深入研究我国发展的阶段性特征,及时总结党领导人民创造的新鲜经验,重点抓住经济社会发展重大问题,作出新的理论概括,永葆科学理论的旺盛生命力。
Every step forward in theoretical innovation should be accompanied by progress in arming Party members with such new theoretical innovation. This is an important experience the Party has gained in improving itself. To build a Marxist political party committed to learning, we must lose no time in studying all scientific, new ideas and new knowledge in human society. All Party members and cadres should take learning as an intellectual pursuit, study in an in-depth way and master Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought as well as theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics, foster a worldview and methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, and genuinely cultivate virtues, increase knowledge and enhance competence through learning. All the comrades in the Party, especially leading Party cadres at all levels, should constantly improve themselves both ideologically and politically, reinforce our ideals and convictions, and enhance our eagerness and resolve to tirelessly work for the cause of the Party and the people. We should be fully committed to doing so to ensure that we remain firm and faithful in our actions. 理论创新每前进一步,理论武装就跟进一步,这是我们党加强自身建设的一条重要经验。我们必须按照建设马克思主义学习型政党的要求,抓紧学习人类社会创造的一切科学的新思想新知识。全体党员、干部都要把学习作为一种精神追求,深入学习和掌握马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想,深入学习和掌握中国特色社会主义理论体系,牢固树立辩证唯物主义和历史唯物主义世界观和方法论,真正做到学以立德、学以增智、学以创业。全党同志特别是党的各级领导干部都要不断提高思想政治水平,坚定理想信念,增强为党和人民事业不懈奋斗的自觉性和坚定性,咬定青山不放松,真正做到坚定不移、矢志不渝。

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