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导演:保罗•费格(Paul Feig)
主演:克里斯汀•韦格(Kristen Wiig)
          萝丝•拜恩(Rose Byrne)
          玛娅•鲁道夫(Maya Rudolph)
          泰瑞•克鲁斯(Terry Crews)
          杰西卡•圣克莱尔(Jessica St. Clair)
          马特•卢卡斯(Matt Lucas)
          吉尔•克雷伯格(Jill Clayburgh)
          艾丽•坎伯尔(Ellie Kemper)
          梅丽莎•麦卡西(Melissa McCarthy)
          (Wendi McLendon-Covey)
          克里斯•奥多德(Chris O'Dowd)
          乔•汉姆(Jon Hamm)


The Story



Thirtysomething Annie (Kristen Wiig) once had her own bakery in Milwaukee, but then the recession hit and she went under. Now she shares an apartment with a couple of obnoxious roommates and works at a jewelry store, where she's perhaps the worst sales person ever. She has a physical relationship with a blunt, good-looking jerk (Jon Hamm) that borders on abusive and no real prospects for improvement. 三十好几的安妮(克里斯汀•韦格 饰)曾在密尔沃基市开过一家面包店,可是受经济萧条影响,小店破产了。如今,她与两个讨厌的室友住在一起,虽然在一家珠宝店谋到一份职位,但她八成是店里最糟糕的销售员了。她与一个长相英俊、直言不讳但性情古怪的小伙子(乔•汉姆 饰)保持着肉体关系,但那纯属乱来,没有一丝深入发展的希望。 
Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), is engaged, she simply must serve as her maid of honor. 安妮的生活一团糟。但是,当她得知最好的朋友莉莲(玛娅•鲁道夫 饰)订婚之后,她自然就成了莉莲的首席伴娘。
Annie then meets the motley crew which will make up the rest of the bridesmaids. There's the groom's hefty sister (Melissa McCarthy), a disillusioned mother of three (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and a newlywed (Ellie Kemper). 接着,安妮结识了伴娘团里的其他成员。这群女人形形色色,其中包括新郎那健壮的妹妹(梅丽莎•麦卡西 饰),一位已有三个孩子、不再抱有幻想的母亲(文迪•麦克伦登-科维 饰),另外一位则新婚不久(艾丽•坎伯尔 饰)。
Most importantly, though, there's the posh Helen (Rose Byrne), a woman who hasn't known Lillian for long but feels rejected since she wasn't asked to be maid of honor. 不过,最重要的是还有这个女人——奢侈的海伦(萝丝•拜恩 饰),她认识莉莲没多久,因为没被邀请当首席伴娘而感觉被人拒之于门外。
A not-so-subtle war begins between Helen — who can spend all she wants on Lillian's pre-nuptial festivities — and Annie, who's basically broke and in over her head. 海伦和安妮之间的明争暗斗就此展开。为了莉莲的婚前庆祝活动,海伦可以想花多少就花多少;而安妮基本上是身无分文,根本没法应对这些。
The disasters come hard and heavy. When Annie takes everyone out for an inexpensive meal before trying on dresses, food poisoning strikes, and the result may be the best female gross-out scene ever. 问题接踵而至,毫不留情。试穿伴娘服那天,安妮先带大家出去吃了一顿廉价餐,结果闹了一出食物中毒——那一幕算得上是女性电影中拍得最成功的恶心场面了。
Next a bachelorette trip to Vegas sputters when Annie overdoses en route. It soon becomes apparent that not only is Annie too poor to keep up pretenses, she's so depressed it's impossible to get into the mood, especially with Helen jabbing at her along the way. 接下来,在前往拉斯维加斯的单身女郎旅行中,安妮因为在飞机上服用镇静剂过量又是闹得不得安宁。一切很快变得明朗起来,安妮经济条件实在太差,根本没法再伪装下去;而且她那么抑郁,压根儿就进入不了状态,特别是这一路走来还有一个海伦对她指指点点。
Some hope is offered as Annie builds a relationship with a sweet-hearted cop (Chris O'Dowd). But her insecurity manages to undermine even that shot at romance.

最后,安妮与一位可爱的警察(克里斯•奥多德 饰)确定了关系,这让我们看到了些许希望,但她的不安全感却也使得这浪漫的一幕大打折扣。


(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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