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'Crazy English' founder accused of domestic violence

The photo posted on the Weibo of 'Li Na Hua's Mom' shows her injured forehead. [weibo.com]

The photo posted on the Weibo of 'Li Na Hua's Mom" shows her injured forehead. [weibo.com]
Li Yang, founder of the "Crazy English" learning course, is being accused of committing domestic violence against his American wife by a user on Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter. 据某网友的新浪微博(类似 “推特”的中国微博服务平台)爆料,“疯狂英语”的创始人李阳被指对其美籍妻子实施家庭暴力。
A netizen with the user name "Li Na Hua's Mom" published a message Sunday on her Sina Weibo: "Li Yang, you need help. Domestic violence is a serious issue. I'm worried about my husband as well as the future of my family. Your children need their dad. I don't know what to do!" Also attached are the photos of a Caucasian woman, whose forehead, knees and ears show bruises and torn skin. 周日,一位署名为“丽娜华的Mom”的网友发微博称:“李阳,你需要帮助。家庭暴力是一个严重的问题。我担心我丈夫和我家庭的未来。你孩子需要她们的爸爸。我不知道怎么办!”微博中还附有一个外籍女子额头被打肿以及膝盖、耳朵受伤的照片。
She even mocked Li's famous remark "I enjoy losing face" with the post: "I enjoy losing face = I enjoy beating my wife's face?" 她如此解释李阳的名言“我热爱丢脸”:“我热爱丢脸= 我热爱打我老婆的脸?”
In addition, the Weibo user posted a message in English that says, "It would be easier if love had just disappeared the minute that your hand struck my face, but it did not. Seeing that you were having make up applied for TV appearance while I was in hospital hurts more than your slamming my head on the floor." 她还在微博上用英语发帖称:“如果爱可以消失在你的手击中我脸的那一分钟,一切将会简单得多,可惜没有。当我在医院的时候,你却涂脂抹粉在电视上亮相,看到这样的你比你让我的头撞击地面更让我受伤。”
Kim Lee, an American, came to China in 1998. After meeting Li Yang, she became his English teacher. Later, they got married and had three children, who are named Li Li, Li Na and Li Hua. The Weibo user combines the three given names of the children as its user name "Li Na Hua." 李金是美国人,1998年来到中国,与李阳相遇并成为他的外籍教师,后两人结婚,育有3个小孩,分别取名为:李丽、李娜、李花。该网友将三个孩子的名字结合,在微博上取名“丽娜华”。
The rumor that Li Yang's wife suffers from domestic violence has been gaining attention from a large number of netizens. Some believed that "such issues should be solved by law," while some exclaimed "Crazy Li Yang turns out to really be crazy." “李阳妻子遭遇家暴”的消息引起众多网友关注,有网友评论认为“事情还是应该通过法律来解决”,还有网友发出感慨“疯狂李阳原来如此疯狂”。

Li has yet to make any public comments himself.


(China.org.cn by Wendy September 5, 2011)


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