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My Jolly Sailor Bold








Upon one summer's morning 夏日的清晨
I carefully did stray 我小心地漫步
Down by the Walls of Wapping 沿着沃平的城墙
Where I met a sailor gay 遇到了一个快乐的水手
Conversing with a young lass 正与年轻的姑娘互诉衷肠
Who seem'd to be in pain 姑娘看上去那样忧伤
Saying, William, when you go 她说:威廉,每当你离开我
I fear you will ne'er return again 我都害怕你再也不会回来
His hair hangs in ringlets 他长长的鬈发低垂
His eyes as black as soles 他的眼睛乌黑深邃
My happiness attend him 将我的幸福一并带走
Wherever he may go 无论他身在何方
From Tower Hill to Blackwall 从塔山到布莱克沃尔
I'll wander, weep and moan 我四处游荡 流泪呜咽
All for my jolly sailor bold 都是为了我勇敢快乐的水手
Until he does return 直到他能够重返故乡
My father is a merchant 我的父亲是一位商人
The truth I will now tell 他的故事我正要讲
And in great London City in 居住在美丽的伦敦
Opulence doth dwell 生活富足又安康
His fortune doth exceed 他的财富已经超过
300,000 in gold 30万枚金币
And he frowns upon his daughter 却为了女儿紧锁眉头
'Cause she loves a sailor bold 只因她爱上了一个勇敢的水手
A fig for his riches 他的财富算得了什么
His merchandise and gold 无论是货品还是金子
True love has grafted my heart 真爱已在我心中扎根
Give me my sailor bold 那勇敢的水手是我唯一所求
Should he return in poverty 只要他能回来 哪怕一无所有
From o'er the ocean far 从那遥远的大洋彼岸
To my tender bosom 回到我温柔的怀中
I'll fondly press my jolly tar 我将深情地拥抱我快乐的水手
My sailor is as smiling 我的水手笑容灿烂
As the pleasant month of May 如同五月的天气 爽朗宜人
And oft we have wandered 我们时常外出漫步
Through Ratcliffe Highway 沿着拉特克利夫公路
Where many a pretty 在那里 我们看到
Blooming girl we did behold 一个又一个明媚的少女
Reclining on the bosom 依偎在她们深爱的
Of her jolly sailor bold 勇敢快乐的水手怀中
My name it is Maria 我的名字是玛丽亚
A merchant's daughter fair 商人的女儿 纯洁无暇
And I have left my parents and 我离开了父母
Three thousand pounds a year 放弃了每年三千英镑的身家
Come all you pretty fair maids 来吧 你们这些美丽纯洁的少女
Whoever you may be 无论各自身份如何
Who love a jolly sailor bold 你们爱着的勇敢快乐的水手
That ploughs the raging sea 在汹涌的大海上乘风破浪
While up aloft in storm 在风暴中爬上桅杆顶端
From me his absence mourn 遗憾着他不在我的身旁
And firmly pray, arrive the day 虔诚祈祷 终有一天
He home will safe return 他能平安地返回家园
My heart is pierced by Cupid 我的心被爱神之箭穿透
I disdain all glittering gold 视闪亮的黄金为粪土
There is nothing that can console me 这世间再没什么能够抚慰我
But my jolly sailor bold


(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)


lass: <苏格兰> 少女,小姑娘

many a/ an/ another: [后接单数名词] 许多的;一个又一个的


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