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Horrible Bosses

片名:Horrible Bosses

导演:赛斯•戈登(Seth Gordon)
主演:杰森•贝特曼(Jason Bateman)
          詹妮弗•安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston)
          柯林•法瑞尔(Colin Farrell)
          凯文•史派西(Kevin Spacey)
          查理•戴(Charlie Day)
          杰森•苏戴奇斯(Jason Sudeikis)
          杰米•福克斯(Jamie Foxx)




The Story




Nick (Bateman) is the voice of reason, Kurt (Sudeikis) believes he's the brains behind the operation, while Dale (Day) is that crazy friend you want to trust, you want to believe isn't always going to do the exact opposite of what he should, but who constantly acts with a complete disregard for logic. The three buddies believe their bosses deserve to die and, as we get to know these guys, we completely sympathize with what they're going through and don't dislike them for wanting to take the drastic step of offing their bosses. 尼克(杰森•贝特曼 饰)代表着理性的声音;库尔特(杰森•苏戴奇斯 饰)自认为是公司运作的中枢人物;而戴尔(查理•戴 饰)是那种虽然有点疯狂却又总能得到信任的朋友,他的行为不会每次都糟到极点,但常常毫无逻辑可言。这三个好朋友都认为自己的老板罪该万死,而当你渐渐地了解了这些人,你会觉得他们的遭遇十分令人同情,想采取极端手段干掉自己的老板也无可厚非。
First up is Nick whose horrible boss is Dave Harken (Spacey), a micromanaging jerk. Dave's the sort of boss who turns the tiniest infraction into a cause for termination, who accuses stand-up employee Nick of being an alcoholic after pouring him a stiff drink at 8:15am and forcing him to chug it down. Dave dangled a promotion over Nick's head, made him work weekends, miss his grandmother's funeral, and then after leading him on for months he awarded himself the promotion. Nick can't quit because Dave's threatened to call any potential employers and lie about Nick's job performance. The bottom line: Nick's ready to make Dave pay. 首先是尼克。他的老板是万恶的戴夫•哈肯(凯文•史派西 饰),一个管头管脚、吹毛求疵的混蛋。像戴夫这种老板会因为一次微不足道的违规行为就下令让人滚蛋。他有次在大清早8点15分的时候给坦率正直的尼克倒了一杯烈酒,强迫他一口气喝完,而后却翻脸指责尼克酗酒。戴夫以晋升为诱饵让尼克周末加班,导致他错过祖母的葬礼,把尼克耍得团团转;却在几个月后把晋升的机会留给了自己。尼克甚至没法辞职,因为戴夫威胁说要给他可能跳槽去的公司打电话,污蔑尼克的工作表现不佳。总而言之,尼克打算跟戴夫算总账。
Kurt's his boss' favorite employee, a fact which angers the boss' cokehead son. Bobby Pellit (Farrell) loves martial arts, loose women, his comb-over, and drugs -- not necessarily in that order. He hates everything to do with his dad's company, except the money it makes that allows him to stay well-stocked with cocaine. When circumstances change and Bobby becomes the head of the company, life at work becomes sheer hell. The bottom line: Kurt is also ready to take action and get rid of his boss. 库尔特是最得老板赏识的员工,这让老板那个毒瘾缠身的儿子大为不满。在鲍比•佩利特(柯林•法瑞尔 饰)的心中,武术、荡妇、他那硕果仅存的头发和毒品都是他的至爱,彼此不相上下。他讨厌与父亲的公司有关的一切事物,他只在乎公司赚的钱能为他买来大量的可卡因。而当世事变幻,鲍比接了父亲的班成为公司的头儿,上班就变成了一场灾难。最终结果是,库尔特也准备行动起来干掉他的现任老板。
And Dale...well, his friends tease him about his relationship with his boss, the sexually aggressive, hot and nasty dentist, Dr. Julia Harris (Aniston). Julia hooks her patients up to gas and then spends the minutes/hours while they're knocked out hitting on Dale, touching him inappropriately and threatening to show his fiancee incriminating photos if he doesn't have sex with her. She's a beast, a dentist who loves 'drilling', and she's got an insatiable appetite for sex. And because Dale made a major mistake by peeing outdoors in a park, he's been tagged with the sexual predator label and can't get another job. The bottom line: Dale wants Julia dead and gone. 还有戴尔……好吧,他的朋友总是拿他和老板的关系来打趣。戴尔的老板朱莉娅•哈里斯(詹妮弗•安妮斯顿 饰)是一名牙医,放荡火辣,性格狡诈。她让病人吸入气体麻醉剂,然后在他们昏睡期间,花上几十分钟甚至几个小时挑逗她的助手戴尔,对他动手动脚。她威胁戴尔和她上床,否则就要把一些看上去罪证确凿的不雅照片发给他的未婚妻。这个牙医婊子对“钻洞”情有独钟,是个不知餍足的色情狂。戴尔曾经在公园里露天小便,从此被打上了色狼的标签,他因为这次严重错误再也找不到其他工作。结论:戴尔希望朱莉娅死翘翘,永远从这个世界上消失。
But actually doing the deed is more difficult than just talking the talk. In search of a hit-man, the trio travel to a bar and meet Dean 'MF' Jones (Jamie Foxx). He's fresh out of jail and for $5000 he'll get rid of the horrible bosses -- or so the guys believe. But it turns out all he's willing to do is be their murder consultant, so once again the actual task of killing their bosses is back in their hands. To do the job they'll need to research, plan, prepare, and execute the perfect untraceable murders. But the question remains: when it comes right down to it, can they actually go through with it?

然而谋杀这种事说起来容易,做起来可很难。三个好朋友决定去找职业杀手。他们在酒吧里遇到了迪恩•琼斯(杰米•福克斯 饰),此人刚刚出狱,只要出5000美元他就能让那几个可恶的老板人间蒸发。然而事实证明,这只是他们一厢情愿的想法,迪恩•琼斯只肯做“谋杀顾问”,真正动手的任务又落回到三人头上。为了搞定这件事,他们需要事先调研,制定计划,最后完美地执行这三场谋杀,不留蛛丝马迹。但是问题依旧存在:事到临头,他们真能一不做二不休吗?

(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)


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