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Horrible Bosses

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[Pausing the security video of Nick standing by the elevator] 【监控录像定格在尼克站在电梯前】
Dave: See, this is what concerns me, Nick. You're a punctual guy. You know the importance of being here right at six a.m., which is what leads me to think that, there must be something wrong with the internal clock on our security system. 戴夫:你看,尼克,这事儿让我很不安。你一直是个守时的家伙。你知道必须在早晨六点钟准时到公司。这让我不禁以为,一定是我们监控系统的时间不准。
Nick: May have been a minute late. 尼克:我可能确实晚了一分钟。
Dave: But according to this, you were two minutes late. So either you're a liar, or this system is off by a full minute. 戴夫:但是录像显示你晚了两分钟。所以要么你撒了谎,要么监视器停了整整一分钟。

Bobby: Oh, yeah! We gotta trim some of the fat around here. 鲍比:哦,对了!我们这儿要裁掉一些胖家伙。
Kurt: Trim the...what do you mean by trim the fat? 库尔特:裁掉一些……你是什么意思,什么叫裁掉胖家伙?
Bobby: I want you to fire the fat people. 鲍比:我想要你解雇那些胖子。
Kurt: What? 库尔特:你说什么?
Bobby: They're lazy and they're slow and they make me sick to look at. You can start with large Marge. 鲍比:他们又懒又迟钝,我看见他们就不爽。你可以先拿那个肥婆玛吉开刀。
[Speaking into his intercom] 【向着对讲机说】
Bobby: Marge, can you come in here please? 鲍比:玛吉,能请你过来一下吗?
Kurt: No! Margie's not fat, she's pregnant! I'm not gonna fire her. 库尔特:不行!玛吉不是胖子,她是孕妇!我不会解雇她的。
Bobby: Okay. Fine. 鲍比:好吧,既然你这么说。

[As she's sitting in her office with only her white lab coat and panties on] 【她坐在办公室里,身上除了白大褂和内裤以外一丝不挂】
Julia: Look, Dale, I know that I like to fool around at work, right? And...and I might even, you know, I might even cross the line a bit. But the last thing that I wanna do is...is make you uncomfortable. I mean, it's just...it's just not professional. You know? And I pride myself on being a professional. So from now on, what I would like you to do, is just...is just tell me. You know? When and if uh...I cross the line. Okay? 朱莉娅:你看,戴尔,我总喜欢在工作的时候乱来,是吧?我自己也意识到这一点了。而且……而且我可能甚至——你知道——我可能甚至会有一点点过分。但是我最最不想做的事就是……就是让你感觉不自在。我是说,这真是……这真是不够专业,你明白吗?而我向来以自己的专业态度为傲。所以从今往后,我想让你做的就是,你只要……只要提醒我一声,明白吗?如果什么时候,呃……我又做了过分的事的话,好吗?
Dale: Okay. Now! 戴尔:没问题。就是现在!
Julia: What? 朱莉娅:什么?
Dale: Well, now you're kinda of crossing the line. Cause you're naked. 戴尔:我是说,现在你就做得太过了。因为你根本没穿衣服!

[Commiserating whilst drinking in a bar] 【在酒吧喝酒时同病相怜】
Nick: I'm such a sucker! Harken was never gonna promote me. 尼克:我真是个白痴!哈肯这辈子都不会提拔我。
Kurt: That coked up prick is gonna ruin Pellit Chemicals. He's just gonna fire everybody. 库尔特:那个脑子里都是可卡因的混蛋会毁了佩利特化工品公司的。他就快把所有人都裁掉了。
Dale: She stood there with her breasts, right in my face! 戴尔:她站在那儿挺着个胸脯,快杵到我脸上啦!
Kurt: Yeah. You know, yours doesn't sound that bad. 库尔特:好啦。要知道,你这听起来其实还不错。

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