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Rich second generation to be tried for carrying guns
涉嫌非法持有枪支 “京城四少”王烁被取保候审

File photo: Wang Shuo is charged for illegally carrying guns and ammunition. 资料图片:王烁因私藏枪支弹药被起诉。

File photo: Wang Shuo is charged for illegally carrying guns and ammunition.
Wang Shuo, director and vice general manager of the Beijing Wangfu Century Development Co., Ltd, has been charged on Sept. 1 by the Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court for illegally carrying guns and ammunition and deliberately destroying property. 北京王府世纪发展有限公司董事兼副总经理王烁因非法私藏枪支弹药罪、故意毁坏财物罪,于9月1日被公诉至东城区法院。
The official indictment by People's Procuratorate of Dongcheng Beijing charges six in all, including Wang Shuo. Others are staff of his company. Among the six, two will stand trial for illegal trade in guns and ammunition as well as the destruction of police evidence, and three will be tried for deliberate destruction of property. All six have been confined in their respective residents awaiting trial. 北京市东城区人民检察院同案公诉的共有6人,除王烁外,另外5人均为他所在公司的职员;其中,有两人因非法买卖枪支弹药罪和毁灭证据罪被公诉,另外三人则涉嫌故意毁坏财物。目前,6人均在各自住地取保候审。
Wang Shuo, reputed as one of the "Jing Cheng Si Shao" of Beijing (Literally the four rich second generations of the capital city), allegedly clashed with Wang Ke, another member of the infamous group, on Dec. 17, 2010. The two allegedly raced their cars on the streets of Wangfujing District, and the cars collided on the China Life Mansion intersection of Chaowai Street. According to the charges, Wang Shuo pointed a gun at Wang Ke during the resulting argument. Wang Ke called the police and followed Wang Shuo, who allegedly fled in his car while Wang Ke's car was burning on the street. The reported damage of Wang Ke's car is 199,000 yuan (US$31,156). Wang Shuo turned himself in on the next day. 2010年12月17日,“京城四少”(即四位京城富二代)的两名成员——王烁和王珂在王府井大街发生冲突,两人飙车斗气,行驶至朝外大街中国人寿大厦路口时发生撞车事故。起诉书透露,在随后的争执中,王烁持枪指向王珂,王珂报警后驾车跟随。之后,王烁见机快速倒车,故意撞击王珂所驾车辆前部,致使该车起火后,驾车逃离现场。王珂所驾轿车因起火损失19.9万余元,王烁则于次日向公安机关投案。
Police found four guns, 2,000 lead bullets for pneumatic weapons and six live bullets in the underground garage of Wangfu Century Mansion and Wang Shuo's home. Wang Shuo allegedly asked his executive assistant, also surnamed Wang, to purchase the weapons from Tianjin a half year before the incident. 案发后,民警在王府世纪大厦地下车库和王烁的家中查获有杀伤力的枪支4支、气枪铅弹2000发、军用子弹6发。事发半年前,王朔授意公司行政助理王某从天津购买了这些枪支弹药。
According to the indictment, Wang Shuo also asked the assistant to destroy or otherwise remove video recordings relevant to his whereabouts the night of the incident. Wang allegedly was able to delete the recordings and remove the surveillance equipments. 据起诉书透露,王烁还曾授意该行政助理销毁或删除事发当晚涉及他行踪的监控录像,王某于是删除了当晚的监控录像,并拆除了监控器的主机。

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