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Don't Give Up On Me


       记录片《阻断者》落幕时,耳边响起的是美国著名灵乐歌王所罗门•伯克(Solomon Burke)的一首经典之作《不要放弃我》。舒缓的配乐,深沉的嗓音,似乎在向我们发出呼唤:“不要放弃我们生活的城市,不要放弃城市里的人们。无论多么艰辛,我们都要勇敢面对……”








If I fall short, if I don't make the grade 假如我不达要求,假如我没有成功
If your expectations aren't met in me today 假如今天的我辜负了你的期望
There is always tomorrow, or tomorrow night 总归还有明天,哪怕是到明晚
Hang in there baby, sooner or later 宝贝 坚持下去
I know I'll get it right 我相信 成功只是早晚的问题
Please, don't give up on me 请不要放弃我
Oh please don't give up on me 噢 请不要放弃我
I know it's late, late in the game 我知道 成功姗姗来迟
But my feelings, my true feelings 可是我的感情 我的真情实感
Haven't changed 未曾改变
Here in my heart 就在我的心中
I know, I know I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong 我知道 我知道我错了 错了 错了 错了 错了 错了
I'd like to make amends for the love that I never, ever, ever, ever shown 我要弥补这份爱 虽然我从未 从未 从未 从未表露
Just don't give up on me, every word is true 只是不要放弃我 字字都是心声
I'll give you my everything, all of my love, all of my love, all of my love, love, love 我会付出我的一切 我所有的爱 所有的爱 所有的爱 爱 爱
Just don't give up on me 只是不要放弃我
Oh please, please, please 噢 请不要 请不要 请不要
Don't give up on me 不要放弃我
I don't want you to 不想让你放弃我
I know it's late, but wait, please, please, please, please 我知道 成功姗姗来迟 但是请等等 请等等 请等等
Don't give up on me 不要放弃我
Promise, will you promise, will you promise me 发誓 你要发誓 你要向我发誓
Please don't give up on me 请不要放弃我
We can make it if we try 只要努力 我们会成功
I'm gonna hold on, hold on with me 我会坚持下去 跟我一起坚持
And don't give up on me, oh-ooh, -oohohoooh-baby 不要放弃我 噢噢 噢噢噢噢 宝贝
Oh baby, Oh baby, please, don't give up on me 噢宝贝 噢宝贝 请不要放弃我
Whatever you do, we gonna make it, gonna make it through 不管你怎么做 我们都会成功 都会渡过难关
Don't you give up on me, please, please, please... 不要放弃我 请不要 请不要 请不要
Promise me 向我发誓
Don't give up on me



(China.org.cn Wendy 译)


fall short: 达不到标准(或要求)

make the grade: 克服困难;成功;达到理想标准

hang in (there): <口>不泄气,不胆怯;表现出勇气;坚持下去

make it: 达到预定目标;办成;做到;成功

hold on: 继续;坚持

电影《The Interrupters 阻断者》简介

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